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Putin: Russia doesn’t defend Assad, we defend international law

Russia needs convincing proof, not rumors, from UN experts that chemical weapons were used in Syria, said the Russian president in an interview with First Channel and AP. It is up to the UN Security Council to decide on the next course of action, he said – READ MORE http://on.rt.com/04i6h3

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  1. I understand, many foreigners are seduced by Putin's charisma. But you have no idea how the situation really is in Russia. He is the biggest corrupt official in the world and many of his closest friends are incredibly rich for no justified reason. Also the men whom he appointed on the main government positions are proven to be corrupt. There are many investigations made by Alexey Navalny and his Anti-Corruption Fund about them. You can find video versions of investigations on YouTube.

  2. Youse are comments are all right lads he's a class act,, all hail Putin 🇷🇺

  3. In this interview, the reporters are like two primary school students learning diplomacy from the professor emeritus of diplomacy , President Putin. President Putin is even much more capable than his own foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov. That's how high the caliber of this amazing man.

  4. SO strange I wouldn't have guessed this video is about 2013 gas attacks. it's extremely relatable to today's discussion. Except that Syria back then HAD chemical weapons unlike today

  5. Well what is really going on? I thought this was the most recent Syrian chem attacks. Only to look and see this was published in 2013.

  6. This is why. other's that get involved need to investgate & get there fking head out of there fking azz & find out the full facts. they should have got everyone in power that make these type of choice's all together & had a seat down meeting & had a talk & find out what really happened & how it happened before taking any action & start dropping rocket bombs & attacking another country with out knowing the full facts . & not be so dame trigger happy. & causing even more conflicts & more problems & dragging other's into a war & conflict they do not want to be in or be a part of or all the many other's around the whole world that R now being put in harm way & grave danger.. . & yes i think using chemical weapon's is wrong. but i also think this all got handle wrong. i agree with alot of what Putin says & he always make very good points in all the speechs that i have listen to.. & I listen to what he has to say in many video's that i have seen .. & I sure most of people in this world don't want to see WW3 happen either. there R also some much good. fine stuff in this world to see & go do. & be apart of.. it's a shame there is some much evil in this world. & then there R other's not doing there fking job right & putting so many decent & good people & good family's in harms way that have nothing to do with it. & R not apart of it. & don't want to be. & i seen in person & xp the effects of WAR. & my childhood was hell because of a WAR. & it was one of the War's that should have never been fought.

  7. Americans are now doomed, they are a pocket of fools, no match to Russian leaders.

  8. Russian is very smart and well collected. They will surprise USA in most unexpected moment.

  9. He is given all the skills, capabilities, characters of the best leader!

  10. I have bèen disavowed as a 6 year old it is very disconcerting. Putty put. I don't work for you. You can't knock me clean. USSR Premier Gorbachev. Fires, white Russia, malaysians.

  11. Putin only use common sense speech to show the world how evil n stupid Trump is !!!!! Zionists bankers cartels terrorist organizations the real enemies to our world peace.

  12. American politicians should be ashamed of themselves. WELL DONE PRESIDENT PUTIN….

  13. like david ice said they had to attack straight away cause if they waited a day or 2 the storey would have lost all credibility

  14. Putzky, did you defend it when your army removed it's Russian insignias and followed Strelkov into Ukraine? KGB Liar.

  15. We can't afford to wait 40 years for the truth to come out regarding this alleged chemical attack
    The fact that Franklin D. Rosenfelt publicly proclaimed Americas policy of not engaging in gas warfare, and was personally opposed to it's use, and then approving the shipment of chemical weapons to the Mediterranean Theatre of war is still relevant today. The fact that Winston Churchill ordered the purging of all British documents relating to the incident, listing all mustard gas deaths as "burns due to enemy action" and even though the U.S. declassified the information in 1959, it took the British government to finally admit to the event in 1986, is particularly relevant today, as none of these snakes EVER shed their skins. !!!

  16. The interviewer looks like such a dork.

  17. Agee with you 100 % Mr Putin , thank you for your clear thinking and tolerance. Cheers from NZ

  18. it is Israel that is doing it and America and every other leader knows it

  19. Putin is a great leader,sure he has made mistakes but he truly cares about his country ,and he may be the only World leader that is honest

  20. Putin: Russia doesn't defend Assad, we defend international law

  21. Published on 4 Sep 2013Russia
    needs convincing proof, not rumors, from UN experts that chemical
    weapons were used in Syria, said the Russian president in an interview
    with First Channel and AP. It is up to the UN Security Council to decide
    on the next course of action, he said – READ MORE http://on.rt.com/04i6h3

  22. ONCE AGAIN; PUT IN PLACE truth!!!!!

  23. Putin inspire confidence and strength, I can't say the same for obama

  24. he can be hero of james bond ….. respected person….. well dressed….knowledge…. works from ground…..good statergist…. respect from india…. i wish i could meet him once and interview him….

    Can we beg the US to PLEASE STOP exporting your democracy to the world and let people live in their cities like how it was before with no terrorist groups???!!! Wherever you've gone there is nothing left but absolute MESS!
    When WE LOOK AT THE PICTURES of Syria before its war we see a beautiful civilized country under the Assad's government. Now after US efforts/support to dismantle governments in different countries for decades and letting terrorists grow in all those countries that have been attacked those pictures have changed to some destroyed countries. STOP EXPORTING YOUR DEMOCRACY PLEASE! People of the world don't need your type of help. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH! We will highly appreciate if you just not help. Thanks
    RT please share my request with the US government as a citizen of the earth!

  26. …the Red and Former KGB Leader ….who firmly suppress political dissidence and punish minorities rights and freedom….defending International Law ?

    " …..If there is one realm in which it is essential to be sublime , it is in wickedness. You spit on a petty thief, but you can't deny a kind of respect for the great criminal……" ( Diderot ).

  27. Putin is being played.. ASSAD is definitely the antichrist

  28. A good question would be "If there will be evidence that Assad's army did not use chemical, how will the US fix the hell it has started?"

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