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Sergei Guriev interview: On the future of Putin’s Russia

What do you do if you’re a professor at a leading Russian university, and speaking honestly about the Putin regime brings threats of investigation and prosecution from the authorities? In 2013, Sergei Guriev chose self-exile in France after being interrogated repeatedly for criticizing the Putin administration’s treatment of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a Russian oil tycoon. Now at Sciences Po in Paris, Professor Guriev sat down with Resident Scholar Leon Aron at the American Enterprise Institute to discuss the Russian economy, the tactics of modern autocrats, and why he has no plans to return to Russia.

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Sergei Guriev on the future of the Russia


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  1. Guriev is not a russian by blood either mindset… He's being paid for demonizing Russia, which goverment is not doing much for its people.

  2. and once agian, 2017 is almost here, and the regime is still quite fine.

  3. i dont like much all the russian goverment, but Putin is rather good than bad for Russia, khodorkovsky is the man who stood behind all stealing spree in 90s… Khodorkovskiy is a pro western moneywise jew who would sell his mother in exchange for wealth… bullshit talks…

  4. Low oil prices, sanctions, market and economic decline and population demise dooms the Russian federation.

  5. Remember in the History Russia is just one European Power .Winning ww2 or having a lot of nuclear doesn't mean it is super power.If USA try to act like super power,it will fade away in shorter time.The world is changing.Religious freedom is more and more in the world.If people are more free, they can create.Europe had history of industrial revolution was due to its earlier freedom society .Both USA and Russia ,just try to survive in the changing world.Don't try to dictate the world population with weapons.

  6. what he should do is stop lying talking shit all this is another anglo saxon propaganda to start war 3! its very simple anglies could put on there fake masks their $1000 suits under all that BS is a little murderous INSECURE little girl a shemale that goes around the world crying for help, saying oh the big bad boogie man is coming its putin its iran its syria its iraq its affganistan on and on it they go with fear fear fear when they destroyed iraq a war crime affganistan libyia yemen etc etc the list go on of destruction and we can go on genocide of the real american native indians this parasite that lives off by killing other nations races is what the parasite euro anglosaxon = american english dutch Netherlands all these are parasites talk freedom democracy all bunch of bullshit which they bring death misery and only parasite in history who drop the atomic bomb on their ally Japan only parasite in history who they gave blankets with smallpox to the native american indians that killed them they killed the wild buffalo so the indians would starve the parasites came as christian colonist escaping the queen they wanted peace FREEDOM he he what a joke they brought death they brought slavery so they kidnap blacks to build on stolen land which they murdered the natives to extinction there founding fathers made fortunes of slavery and drug trade of opium! now they yell cry Communist china hates freedom! so if Communist are so bad why are they kicking the shit out of capitalism right now for the retards look up bloomberg sources! the yuan is sur past the dollar now obama and the bankers with there corp- logo front money laundries have to rape the shit out of their people and their colonies with the TPP TPIP all this is brings down all western countries!

  7. Another cryptic smear job that never mentions U.S. and British sponsored terrorism by enlisting extremist groups to facilitate the overthrow of Ukraine. Shortly after, gold was removed (for safekeeping, yeah right) and bombing civilians, making a play for natural resources, and positioning this phony ISIS threat to keep hammering Syria.
    U.S. invasions have created 7 MILLION refugees and murdered over a million Iraqi's.
    How many countries did Russia invade? Garbage thinktank psychobabble….

  8. Well, if you would do this with America, then you would 'vanish'

  9. If you call this honesty then I am honestly a unicorn. Seriously? I was so happy with this channel until it began spewing anti-Russian propaganda and lies about my country. I am hereby unsubscribing from this channel and suggest all other Russians on here do the same. I am offended by the fact that this story gets such a one-sided coverage. Are you not aware of this, then please inform yourself again. Ohw and by the way the oil baron Michail was and is a corrupt man who if given power over Russia would simply sell it to the West where Putin makes buying Russia like you bought Europe hard….ohw wait…that IS the problem…Bad Putin….and his regime. What about the Obama Regime? Is it any better? This is fucking ridiculous.

  10. "If Putin is gone there'll be no Russia" – well, considering how Putin applies russian foreign policy, then Russia might well take a hit of sorts if a nicer and more cooperative leader takes hold.

    …though to be frank, then I don't see that as a bad thing.

  11. Doesn't sound like China's autocracy- its more fist than velvet glove- they kill lots of people- they don't care that appears weak , the country is too closed for it to matter. Heavy information manipulation certainly happens in an chaotic matter since the government itself is a chaotic dictatorship.

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