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‘Trump Was Slapped in the Face’ | Tucker Chats With Oliver Stone About ‘The Putin Interviews’

6-15-17: Tucker Carlson interviews Oliver Stone about his upcoming Showtime documentary “The Putin Interviews”


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  1. He thinks that nazi cunt is a neo con? That bullshit is right up there with "Barack Obama is a centrist"

  2. Didn't expect such intelligent and articulate responses and analysis. Nicely done

  3. Please Liberals! Open your fucking eyes! Oliver Stone has always chased the truth, and for the last 35 years was seen as a super hardcore Liberal. He literally called Hillary a fucking NEOCON in this interview. Stop falling for the leftist BS, they are trying to take over the country with domestic terrorism!

  4. When a progressive like Oliver Stone believes the Intelligence Community and FBI are hostile to Trump, and the evidence against Trump is a "joke," and MSM are an extension of the Deep State…… well, I have to agree with Stone on this one!

  5. Thank you very much Mr. Stone. The truth is our greatest weapon. Let it shine.

  6. I think Oliver is conflating leftist/socialist "progressivism" (regressivism) with true liberalism. He said there was a fracturing of the left evidenced by the nonsupport by the left of Hillary Clinton. But many of the people on the left who did not support Clinton were the brainwashed communist Bernie supporters. The ironic thing is Clinton shares the same ideology as Sanders does. The big difference between her and her comrade, Bernie, is that he was not under criminal investigation (nor was he embroiled in political controversy). What angered the red diaper doper babies more than anything was that their fairly squeaky clean snake oil salesman did not win the primary election. Now we have these Bernie supporters taking to the streets to violently "protest" an administration that is supposedly fascist and secretly in cahoots with the Russians. Furthermore, Bernie has got his loonie commie foot soldiers trying to murder those with opposing views. I think Oliver identifies with the "progressive" left during a time when they were trying to appear to be sensible, but that train of any leftist sensibility has left the station long ago.

  7. There are people on the left that get it. They know that the DNC has been completely compromised and that the corporate media is completely corrupt. They just get absolutely no press coverage from the corporate media. Trump is right, the media is the enemy of the American people. Jimmy Dore hates Trump but is very honest about the fact that the Russia investigation is just a big conspiracy theory. Debbie Lusignan, Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beely, Cynthia McKinney. Now Oliver Stone. The media has just completely become complete propaganda outlets with absolutely no journalistic value.

  8. Oliver Stone doesn't realize that progressives and neo-cons are the same thing. they want an authoritarian anti-free speech, globalist, corporate, socialist, race based system. and they both like destabilizing foreign regions to advance their global agenda. no difference. and by the way Oliver Stone in 2017 the left probably considers you to be a right-wing extremist.

  9. Whoa whoa whoa! Did Oliver Stone just make sense? Who am I and where's my car?

  10. Check out the movie "Snowden" by Oliver Stone. The US is hacking and spying on everybody and their elections.

  11. So did Hillary create this whole Russian conspiracy just to give Trump a hard time?

  12. What the…? I'm agreeing with some of what this guy says….??!!!!!

  13. He must not know Tucker has been saying this for months.

  14. Cars kill too, should we ban them too?

  15. Why the fuck is he interviewing stone? Interview a democratic senator or house member….

  16. Sey Hersch reference. You know Stone is woke.

  17. People cannot see beyond binary choices, the ignorant low iq person see the world in black and white, the world is far more grey.

  18. Putin is a good man. He did nothing wrong

  19. Liberals were all in for Clinton, now that she's lost and they're seeing how far the left has fallen, all of a sudden it's "The Left has left me" nonsense. No. Stone, and everyone else who describes themselves as a progressive: you own it. No backpedaling. Not this time.

  20. "the american press" = Kikes
    just like gatekeeper Kike Ollie Stone

  21. Putin seems like a cool dude. I like him better than 98% of our politicians.

  22. Never agreed with Mr Stone before (politically) but he seems to make sense. He is proving to be a "liberal", not a "leftist"… You know he's onto something if the "Hollywood Establishment" is turning on him.

  23. Oliver Stone is one of the only so called progressive liberals that I can respect.

  24. I'm on Part 3 of the Putin Interviews. Thank you Oliver Stone for bringing this important documentary to the American people.

  25. Apparently, Stone ain't afraid of the left.

  26. Oliver Stone as a filmmaker is not bad, but politically he is a fucking nut job.

  27. I just assumed Oliver Stone was one of them.

  28. This guy right here is one of the very reasons i snapped out of the view of the 'one-sided coin' perpetuated by the corporate , anti-rus media

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