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Why Would Vladimir Putin Do This?

Please open, and read the article, and watch the imbedded video attached in the link below.



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  1. I think he's simply taking advantage of all the bull and turmoil the Dems are causing.

    These are supposed to be representatives of the people, elected by the people!
    Yet for about an entire year, or whenever MSM started puking in their underwear seeing Trump at work destroying the entire chess board, and that's all they care about – THEMSELVES!

    They are so corrupt, so bought and paid for that they have tunnel vision, as if their constituents don't exist! All they can think about is "get Trump, get Trump"!!

    The filthy sock puppet kings paid for the country, they want their damned power back, and if the corrupt bitches and bastards they bought don't start having success ANY SUCCESS WILL DO RIGHT NOW because Trump has been an absolute master genius, thrashing these effing weasels at their own game!!!

    I predict we'll start seeing a couple of the big chips fall soon if Trump continues to steam roll over everyone who attempts to take him down.

    We're gonna see top shelf, big fish being exposed and arrested for child abuse – the pizza-gate type!
    I actually believe we've already seen the start of a much bigger fish, although not the great whites yet – but isn't it odd how 'Anthony looky my baloney Wiener' wasn't protected? Didn't that seem weird? This guy knows A LOT, and should have been protected.

    How many Wall street execs were sent to jail for all the massive, unprecedented in all history, corruption and fraud in the great crash at the end of Bush's and beginning of Barry's terms? Ya, ZERO!

    The odd time you'll see one of their own go down, al la Bernie Madeoff. Ya, he made off alright, he got more time than child molesters and murderers do! THAT was a definite message!

    Nobody from the inner circle goes down unless the sock puppet kings feel like shit ain't getting done!

    So, I see Putin, the one time head of the KGB "Kinda good boys" is effing with the American politicians as payback for all the bullshit in Syria, and Ukraine.
    That's how the game of international intrigue is played!


  2. It may have to do with Clinton giving uranium to the Russians and Podesta involved with the Russians and probably many more demoncrats involved with the Russians. And Putin might released some proof of Comey's involvement with all of it. He wants Comey before he gets indicted and jailed and/or sings like a canary.

  3. "Why Would Vladimir Putin Do This?" Do what? Make jokes? LOL

  4. Putin always has an agenda. He's a smart man with a sense of humor. Maybe that's all this was.

  5. NO that does not make sense for Putin to say since he must know that Snowden was exposing crimes, not top secretes, and is not a criminal.
    Comey is a life long actual criminal who's done all sorts of crimes and is also guilty of all those crimes and murders he covered up for Hillary, it makes him an ACCESSORY to them all.
    Putin would not take in a snake in the grass like Comey.
    Sounds like a Fake News report on Putin to make him look bad – something the MSM is expert at and would welcome doing.


  6. Wait a minute , didn't Comey just get a ten million dollar book deal to tell more lies ? Why would he want to leave the USA when he is already being protected by our shadow government just like Hillary ? That is unless the deep state might consider Comey a loose cannon and become expendable and we know what happens then .

  7. i read it somewhere that he said it in a humorous way, just joking.

  8. lol comey was talking to the russians dammit it was the Russians roflomao

  9. That was Putin way to make a joke about our politician in Washington God bless you and you're family THANKS.

  10. America isn't stupid. The so-called Russian hackers could be apart of the Putin opposition party, trying to make him look bad, seeing how no evidence exists pinpointing exactly who hacked 39 states voter registration logs. No information from the logs were tampered with. An inexperienced hacker, not some government branch of Russia would continue to hack yet find it pointless to hack these states computers, because they couldn't change any information on the servers, all they could do was see a voters name, age, poling location, ect…. It is highly laughable that the Dems' are pushing that Russia was directly responsible for Crooked Hillary's Loss, even though we all know Trump won fair and square.

  11. STEVEN T. HUFF After leaving the CIA, he started a company in 1993 that developed software to analyze satellite imagery. After selling the company, the plan was to slow down, but that didn’t work out.

  12. Just another way of interfering with the American system.

  13. Gabe,
    The only thing I can think of? Not only his history with the FBI but w/HSBC? I forget what the other is? James Comey could easily tell him exactly how the 17 Alphabet Soup Agencies as I call them work. If James Comey were to do that? It wouldn't be just Treason! He would be #1 Traitor!

  14. Gabe, back in the mid 1950's, a powerful historian and researcher/educator by the name of G. Edward Griffin gave a lecture called The Grand Design US Foreign Policy and the Federal Reserve. You are going to find the truth about the US Russian collaboration. THE UNITED STATES has been funding Communism in a dualistic political gridlock ever since they became nuclear. Griffin is going to explain the the philosophical reasoning for this collaboration and once again it has to do with building the global initiative. It's about hybridization of capitalism and communism. This whole spin about how this party is in bed with the Russians and that party is in bed is a illusion. The truth is that they all are. Remember when I I shared with you and this community the interview with Yuri Bezminov in How to Brainwash a Nation? That interview was conducted by G. Edward Griffin 30 years later and Yuri exposes this very truth. When you combine G. Edward Griffin's The Grand Design US Foreign Policy and the Federal Reserve with Bezminovs KGB testimony, you will come to the truth of matters. The whole
    government/media narrative is a lie. They are all in for the same global agenda. Russia is another vassal state. The same situation as the THE UNITED STATES. Queen Elizabeth I believe controls 130 something countries globally through covert banking. All vassal states are governed by a monarchy (British Crown). However, it goes one step further. Under the treaty of 1213, the Pope has dominion over all monarchs and vassal states declared as the supreme pontiff ruling by Ecclesiastical law. The whole narrative is one giant production and it has worked very well in keeping the masses divided and in check. The world is one human farm.

  15. Makes perfect sense. Why wouldnt you want someone with Comeys security clearances to go to your country?

  16. Cuz Comey is the leaker and committed high treason. Putin is baiting the cia new network. Russia really does have the usa best interest at heart. they defended the colonist during the revolution. they made sure the the british and french did not invade during the civil war. Everyone knows the deep state is a bunch of trotskyites that escaped stalin and refuged in the usa

  17. one must remember the uranium deal, and Putin still has interesg in it.

  18. I think we need to read between the lines here. I believe the whole thing is a big game. We have to remember if you want to defeat the elite you have to beat them at there own game. If you really stop and look at everything that has been going on you will see it. I believe a deadly chess game is being played and we are one move closer to check mate.

  19. Putin is just stirring the pot…

  20. Vladimir Putin is making fun of the American  Justice System  !    Putin know that Comey could go to  Jail for Hillary !

  21. Historically, "active measures" by Russia, especially during the Soviet period have always been to subvert the thinking of Americans ideologically. Per Yuri Bezmenov's interview in the 80's by G. Edward Griffin (available on YouTube), only 15% of "active measures" were actual espionage. Perhaps Putin thinks Comey's thinking is sufficiently subverted that Russia could extract from him what's actually going on? No. Russia already knows that the USA is moving away from it's core beliefs and Christian heritage like a bobsled to hell. By all reckoning, Putin knows that Americans are trying to get their country back from subversion the way that Russia rejected Soviet Communism. Comey would be a deep state trophy on Putin's shelf. Ever since the American Revolution, when "push came to shove", the American people and the Russian people have always been strategic allies vs the machinations of the deep state. Think Russian sale of cotton sail cloth for American Revolutionary warships, American military observers during the Crimean War, the Russian Fleet visits to America right after Gettysburg to show support for the Union, Lend Lease during WWII, and the joint space programs. However, trust but verify.

  22. Re: Putin
    It was a joke. Putin is LHAO at America.

  23. Kinda sounds like Comey has a few secrets Putin wants kept secret…wanna bet Comey has mysterious illness soon…fast acting cancer?

  24. I think it's because Putin knows our government won't charge the ex FBI with anything!

  25. U.S. Uranium, Obama, Clinton, Podesta, etc., etc., etc., Child porn & sex trafficking, plus other crimes. Putin's in the mix of all this, aiming to hide it from veiw!
    Putin & Comey….they both are pedophiles! Look it up!

  26. bc Comey is a keeper of secrets that can damage our nation, and Comey is simply another Benedict Arnold. Putin is not stupid.

  27. "Likadee–split"   you got it, Gab!

  28. The liberals in our country are doing Putin's evil bidding.

  29. Putin is joking, putting forward the msm's belief of big bad Russia. As in, "We can make him talk". Lol, I think they would have the weasel Comey singing like the "Songbird Of The Hanoi Hilton" within a couple hours.

  30. Putin prob. wants to give so called asylum to Comey So he can get him on Russian soil to take his ass out himself. Checkmate for all the political BS he caused and participated in.

  31. Putin is playing with United States because the United States government is a bunch of f**** idiots and Putin's just exposing the idiots and taking pieces off the chessboard y'all think Putin is our friend boy we're really in trouble

  32. FBI Comey is a gate keeper of State secrets.

  33. Gabe.. NPR is run by communist Liberals.. I wouldnt believe a word they said..I do like that car talk show they have on the weekend though..

  34. Hard to understand but it seems to me like some kind of tactic that would favor President Trump. Never forget, the Russians are playing chess while we are playing checkers!

  35. The only reason I can think of is with Comey safe n sound tucked up in his bigboy bed at the Kremlin he won't decide to commit suicide or have a 1 in a billion mishap resulting in death… then 100% of the focus can be on Killary,Slick Willie and Brick Shithouse Lynch(she's the one with the cankles).

  36. Irony and humor — they guy who accuses Trump of being a Russian collaborator ends up with asylum in Russia.

  37. Comey in danger of being charged with treason…and he has the goods on the people of Washington…

  38. For the same reason we would like to get our hands on their KGB chief.

  39. Probably because of the economic sanctions.

  40. Nothing is free! They must expect something in return… He has already shown his inclination for UnAmerican activity and treason..

  41. Comey doesn't need to leave because Mueller is the special counsel. Putin is a asshole. That's all I can think.

  42. I think they are all in it together and their plan is to distract us with false flag events so they will pull the rug up from under us when we least expect it.Thats also why they are spraying us like bugs every single solitary day. We are in a bad way folks 🙁

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