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Censored: Putin takes American’s question live – Q&A highlights 2017

On June 15th, Russia’s Vladimir Putin held his 15th annual live Q&A session, lasting for four hours. I have condensed the video into a mere 17 minutes – which was quite the hard task! I have left only matters of foreign policy, which I thought would be interesting to the Western audience, as well as a few odd bits and pieces from the programme. The majority of the show dealt with specific internal Russian issues; wages, pensions, roads, rubbish collection, medical care, and specific cases of injustice. The call center opened 11 days before the direct line with President Putin – it is said that as soon as regional leaders got word of a complaint from their region to the programme, they immediately sprung to action, as if the problem never existed at all.

President Putin is only one man and he can’t do everything, so it is important that everyone does their job properly. Unfortunately, that is not the case so far. One more interesting part of the session that is unlikely to air in Western mainstream media is the heartfelt address of a US citizen, Jeremy Bowling from Arizona, to President Vladimir Putin. It starts @6.54.


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  1. i really wish canada would get involved with russia, but i suppose america would come up and bomb the hell out us if we did. russia wants to trade and america wants to rule by war

  2. I wanna move to Rusia just to say hes my president

  3. I am Italian and I live in Rome. I trust Vladimir Vladimirovich. He is not an ennemy but a peaceful man.

  4. at2.50 the way he described his family and the philosophy of his opinion on the topic the way he very humble and humane asks to respect his position and interaction with his family and their education makes me weak in the hart and my respect and admiration for this extraordinary humble and patriotic leader has just skyrocket bless you Russia and your great leader are a beacon of humanity and hope in this tortured world of hypocrisy war and greed

  5. inessa please post something about obor and Russia and it's positives in Russian economy

  6. I love putin but Mr oreshkin and kudrina are real heroes they can make Russia a superpower

  7. Thankyou President Putin! You are the epitome of common sense, logic, diplomacy and patience. If all leaders had your qualities, the world would be far less likely to be in the mess that it is. Russian people are very fortunate to have you! Much love and support from Oregon and still hoping to relocate to Russia if you'll have me. :)♡♡

  8. He works too hard. My, goodness that male host was stunningly beautiful, his skin is flawless, and he looks like a Russian Prince. 😃

  9. In a parallel universe I am a happy Russian citizen!

  10. Correct Jeremy, Russia is not our enemy.

  11. Vladimir: listening to your reply addressing the accusations of election influence, i think now that it was a strategic sound byte that was designed to cast a shadow on your entire dialogue with respect to the issue of the military strength of Russia and defeatist attitude about defending your constituent nation federation members,, as a campaign strategy to try to cast a shadow on my surveillance party doctrine campaign for president as a campaign strategy to selfishly eliminate me as an opponent with no regards to the prosperity of peace and most of all "security" which would have been absolute, and how his flailing yet harmless administration will continue to sacrifice the alliance with Russia and the civilized nations for that purpose and the purpose of fogging the battlefield to protect civilization. i wish now i had hard lined harder and invoked a direct trial. he said i was welcome to the debate, yet i have attended the debates before, and they are to juvenile for me.
    yet in the case of the pretentious polarization of Russia and the usa, it is clear that we stand a better chance against the real enemy the dangerous sociopath megalomaniacs. when our friends examine themselves to ensure that we are not up to something together they must take a closer look at their objectives and alliances. it's actually the same as the way that the USA treats all nations up to the point of calling for mercy.

  12. I hate this guy pretty much, cuz Im Ukrainian… but if someone wants to tell me the guy isn't smart…they are just plain stupid and deserve a treatment he reserves for their kind….

  13. Inessa S should become a global leader

  14. Can one even imagine any of the current Western Leaders doing something like this and answering each question to the same degree as Putin does…..nope.

  15. походу профессору придется красится и танцевать в одной камере со Сноуденом)

  16. God Bless and Protect Mr Putin – from the USA

  17. another 'tour de force' performance by this extremely rational, wise, successful and inspiring leader; quite frankly, no other world leader comes has close to either this man's capabilities or his accomplishments… 👍😎

  18. If you want a laugh, find some examples of Question Period for the Canadian Parliament and compare Putin's answers to Justin Trudeau's word salad.

  19. Brilliant Man…..Respect from UK citizen who's fled to South America. The Russian people are very clever and lucky to have a real. honest man to lead them.

  20. Russia, truly has one of the best records for paying its citizens public compensations $$ for any mistakes made ,forseen or unforseen. Its fairness in public financial settlements is second to none thanks to men like Putin. Interesting comment that USA missiles would take less than 15 minutes to reach Moscow. Lets hope Trump stays calm & rational. ??

  21. The worlds greatest ice breakers out there exploring for Russia as Canadian tax payers pay for stupidity. 1. helping nazis in ukraine 2. legalize smoking drugs 3. support isis by giving them a free ride as refugees. Russians have good leadership and should be proud.

  22. The US is no more than a jooish golem.

  23. Putin is a very wise and pragmatic man! A man of his caliber comes around in history too rarely!

  24. Was Megan Kelly in the audience with her hand raised batting her eye lashes at Putin again, saying 'pick me, pick me'.
    Those of us, and there are many, know that Russia is not our enemy as our extremely propaganda TV, newspapers, & magazines claim. We clearly see through the BS rhetoric. We do our own research learning many great attributes Russia has, and Putin is clearly one of them. We adore him here, as we do the Russian citizens. They seem to me to be the happiest people on the Planet. Whereas, we American's are suffocating under MSM Russian hatred, a $20 trillion dollar debt & endless CIA dirty, illegal wars. God Bless America, Russia and the rest of the world….Humanity needs it.

  25. 12:00 Putin offers asylum to Comey s stone he is a leaker, hahaha

  26. Europe has turned into American puppets that were treacherously recruited to American Deep State creation – EU.

  27. Awesome! President.. I like Him.. He is a real Man. Congratulations !! from little me with all my heart.

  28. God bless Mr Putin and Russia for a bright future best wishes from India 🇮🇳🇷🇺🇮🇳🇷🇺

  29. Our media keeps lying to us spreading and using propagandist techniques

  30. Im moving to Arizona soon, great to see another normal pro Russia person. California is extremely paranoid of Russians.

  31. Soooo, will we see Comey sharing a flat next door to Snowden? LOL

  32. No doubt these questions were rigged, but still I like Putin and god bless the sovreignty of Russia.

  33. Iam Glad he doesn't hate American's I stick up for President Putin all the time. He's told us the truth not like our government and media

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