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Putin: Exchanging Insults With Trump ‘Worst Path’, Cooperation Needed

Credit to Vesti News https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa8MaD6gQscto_Nq1i49iew
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  1. Must show respect to one another .

  2. 1*9=9

  3. President Putin is a great man. The West cannot produce a leader of his caliber.

  4. hourrah for Poutine !daragoi warrior!✌💝🌹

  5. FUCK the TITLE,
    he is a good man

  6. Russians must never think that Trump is their friend, for Trump to be US President, he has to prove his loyalty to the US masters (Israelies). Russia must be prepared for attacks against his troops in Syria from the US troops, because that will be the last option the US will exploit in order to get their objective.

  7. it seems that Russia is the bigger man in the world and has a real sensible approach to working with world leaders for a better future for all…
    the us is acting like a spoilt child and needs to sort it's self out before the shit hits the fan. all this talk of Russia being the bad guy is bullshit and you will find that the bad guy is Hillary and Obamas gang of misfits.

  8. "Russophobia"? Man, get out of here with that victim's attitude! And go buy a new wig!

  9. Asia need three counties to counter entire world
    India+China+Russia Asia will be unstoppable in every field

  10. The congress unfortunately is trying to keep that wedge between us. If Trump even shakes Putin's hand, then he will be labeled as some kind of spy or something. They've bound his hands. He needs to fire Mueller and improve relations himself . Screw the democrats.

  11. IS government always tried to exploited the way is written quaran Muslims holy book to create divisions amongst humanity. Does any one aware of beside Saudis are rich crude oil they are the biggest country in the world trying to preserve their religious teachings obviously with incoragement of US government. Because US government knows well stronger they are I. religion higher their hatred will bevtpward non believers. US government uses Muslim ideology as bogey man to scare their own citizens make sure they will agree to create biggest military in the world plus use that division name of Islam to kill people round the globe. US is the biggest terrorist country in the world today. US want nothing but one thing to take over the world and wipe humanity out leave only Jews and some loyal partners in the crimes, even out of those countries population they will decrease make sure is acceptable to their standards.

  12. let me get this straight trump colluded with the russain so they can trade insult with each other?

  13. nao fiz ofensa so falei o que to na garganta paciencia voce perde com cia deve saber da cia

  14. normal na verdade passou da hora nao dever eh importante neste caso com oposicao junto

  15. "because the US is one of the largest polluters" lol so killing is not the only thing they are good at.

  16. Exchanging barbs with the US administration of Donald Trump, insulting someone is "the worst path," Moscow and Washington should work together, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at his annual "Direct Line" session.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The Russian leader mentioned a number of fields for potential cooperation between the two states, in particular, fighting against poverty and negative impact on environment.

    "Fighting the negative impact on the environment and so on. Although we now know the position of the current administration about the Paris agreement, President Trump does not refuse to discuss this issue, by the way. To begin arguing with the [US] administration, exchanging barbs, offending each other is the worst path, because then we will not agree on anything at all, and without the United States there is no point in negotiating in this field as the United States alone is one of the largest emitters," Putin said.

    The president added that cooperation in the fields of nonproliferation of the weapons of mass destruction and fight against poverty were extremely important.

    "We have many issues on which we must work together. But it does not depend only on us. We see what is happening in the United States. And I have already said and want to repeat it again, it is a clear sign of the aggravation of an internal political struggle, and we cannot do anything about this, we cannot influence this. But we are ready for constructive dialogue," Putin said while answering a question on whether the sides would manage to change the decline in bilateral relations after a possible meeting of the two presidents at the upcoming G20 summit.

    According to Putin, both Russia and the United States are extremely interested in normalizing bilateral relations.

    "I assure you that in Russia there are a lot of people who respect the achievements of the American people and hope that our relations will eventually come to a normal state, and both we and the United States are extremely interested in it," the president added.

    Moscow has long been promoting the idea of fruitful cooperation with Washington.
    Donald Trump has repeatedly advocated establishing a political dialogue with Moscow, particularly in regards to the fight against terrorism, and expressed readiness to build positive relations with Russia.

    After the leaders' phone talks on January 28, the Kremlin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the presidents had noted the importance of respect in relations.

    👈silly cartoons about it here

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