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Putin Kills ISIS Leader al Baghdadi

In today’s video, Chad Boukzam of AMTV reports Putin Kills ISIS Leader al Baghdadi.
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  1. That snatch bearded Mofo has 9 lives.

  2. if middle east want peace? Then the world should listen to people what they want.

    The media is not interviewing or tell the truth,

    all regimes should be destroyed or dismantled to give freedom and equal rights!

    These nations are not equal they killed the mouth of people.

    The civil war in middle east has to do with corruption with government they torture people to scare and they have no freedom
    also the government does nothing to schools, jobs, diseases/

    they holding these people like sheep cattle and give them only every month bag rice and water that is cheep!!!

    Religion must be defeated, but then you need go to the source, Israel, saudi arabia is the stronghold of religion they created this mess.

  3. One of the dumbest videos to date. It's funny how this little guy speaks like he knows everything. Like he knows more then any government. Especially the US government. He speaks not even a thought in his mind that the governments don't respond for a reason. This guy is so ignorant to exactly why the US is still in Afghanistan. We are still there because there is still a terrorist threat there and we owe it to the Afghans to remain fighting for them. This guy doesn't even realize the own words he speaks and how pathetic he sounds. We all know all over the world manipulation is in full force. When you have people who have been defeated by the US they will spread false information in order to get others to turn against the US. This is their defense. They don't have the weapons like the US. They us words and manipulation. Because they know dumb people like this guy will believe it. And it's working obviously. Just the fact that even Americans actually think our own military wants to harm innocent people shows just how stupid they are. They are so quick to judge their own countries military. With out even realizing they may be being manipulated. People like this guy are a disgrace to this country and it is them who should be deported. However I will be the last person to deny that the US has made mistakes. ffs people nobody is perfect. This guy clearly proves he is far from perfect. But where is your loyalty to your country. Everyone just spreads more hate and these people are the ones who will be responsible for the fall of this country. This guy and others also don't even think for a second that Russia is dropping more bombs in Syria then the US is. But Russia hasn't killed any innocent civilians? Come on? Seriously. We just aren't at the stage yet where it is being reported. Yet. Russia is definitely not better then the US when it comes to Intel. It is amazing how most Americans or getting completely different Intel then those in the east. This guy is simply a shit dick and should be deported. I will absolutely be unsubscribing and giving thumbs down to all their shitty bullshit click bait videos.

  4. Muhammad Akbar !! May he be with his 72 Virginians

  5. If they really killed ISIS leader, this will just strengthen ISIS.

  6. it just shows Russia. works for Israel to hello report the news not this narrow point of view.

  7. I think America should unite with Russia and declare war on the deep state, the left and all the PC sodomites that have pussified an entire generation of confused godless snowflakes,

  8. God Bless Trump, the US, Putin and Russia!!!  Thank you for your work on behalf of the people of the World!

  9. Hooray for Putin. Now kill the rest of the mozzzlem trash. Start in your own country.
    I trust the Russians more than I trust our "Government" or the other anti-Americans like: Leftists, Liberals, BLM, SJW, ANTIFA, Feminists, SPLC, CAIR, "moderate" mozzzlems and all the other assorted riff-raff.

  10. Fake news hard headed in your face

  11. Did the guy ever exist? I have no idea.

  12. The Isis leader is still alive, his name is Obama

  13. Good. It should've been both of us together though. Like an alternating Air Strike. Would be like holding hands. Aw. Even with Trump, we still don't win anymore.

  14. Putin was WRONG about killing the 'ISIS' Leader, 'BECAUSE', SENATOR JOHN McCAIN and HILLARY CLINTON ARE THE "TRUE" LEADERS and they are still alive!

  15. I wonder who the CIA/Mossad/Vatican have as his replacement.

  16. The Russians can't confirm it but you can??????? clickbait fake fuckin news…this makes you NO better than CNN

  17. Good news, btw this guy is improving a lot.

  18. Exactly USA ( CIA ) is the major source of terror throughout the world. Go back to history and check out. Always major key agenda was dollar. M. Kaddafi forwarded checkmate to dollar result Libya was destroyed. Saddam H. gave checkmate dollar result Iraq destroyed…etc.
    But this time no more longer it will work. Now Recently played divider rule in gulf countries result jet fighter deal here is also billions of dollars. Just hope will not escalate otherwise this will bring Iran on the table and Iran is back up by Russia and China, similarly in N. Korea and south China Sea, Russia will invade.

  19. Russia leads the way taking down ISIS! Got to fight fire with fire! No mercy kill them all!

  20. Go Putin and Russian forces about time we kill them instead of supplying and training them.

  21. america the beautiful.. lmfao.. its amazing how fucking stupid americans are.. they are too stupid to realize how fucking stupid they really are

  22. WOW! Did putin just start ww3 with ISRAEL!!!!

  23. Fuck yeah Putin you're a badass. Meanwhile America helps Isis while telling the public they want to destroy them. I totally agree with everything you just said.

  24. for real this time? how many times has al bagdadi been killed in the last 5 years?

  25. its not just the left. we have prideful power mongers in both parties. some of the hawk republicans around Trump are the worst. full disclosure, I am a conservative, but I don't trust governments

  26. A Mossad agent killed?? Will be replaced soon with another Mossad agent soon..

  27. Great news reporting! News is insane!!

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