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SPECIAL REPORT: Putin Makes SHOCK Announcement To World, This Is Massive

SPECIAL REPORT: Putin Makes SHOCK Announcement To World, This Is Massive

Vladimir Putin has demonstrated to America’s elected officials the benefits of working together instead of initiating a second Cold War.

Putin’s defense officials have announced the death of the leader of the Islamic State in a recent airstrike, in which a meeting of top-ranking ISIS officials was targeted outside of their capital city in Syria (via Associated Press).
The Russian Defense Ministry claims they are still attempting to verify the death of ISIS commander and other high ranking ISIS leaders who were attending the meeting. Russia claims that their airstrike targeting an ISIS meeting just outside of Raqqa, Syria, resulted in the deaths of over 300 militants including many mid and high-level leaders.

American officials have not yet confirmed the death of the ISIS commander. If reports are true the loss of al-Baghdadi could represent a fatal blow to the international terrorist organization.ISIS has been on a steady decline since first capturing Mosul in 2015 — their largest victory. Recent efforts by local militias, with the support of U.S. leadership and air power, have pushed ISIS back from their strongholds in Mosul and Raqqa.ISIS leaders originally fled Mosul after the historic town was captured by an American-Iraqi coalition force. The leaders relocated to Raqqa which has since been under heavy assault.

Now, reports claim that ISIS leadership is on the ropes and fleeing once again. Commanders are heading towards the small town of Mayadeen in the heart of ISIS-controlled territory.It is uncertain who will replace al-Baghdadi since American forces have successfully decimated the ISIS top brass. The number two leader of ISIS was killed in a U.S. led airstrike in 2015. U.S. airstrikes also killed the top ISIS finance official and the ISIS spokesman last year.Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, warned reporters not to become too optimistic. “Past examples of similar actions to strike the leadership of terrorist groups were presented with much enthusiasm and pomp, but the experience shows that those structures later regained their capability,” Lavrov said.

However, since President Trump has taken office, regional militias with American support have been successful at forcing the terror group to retreat. ISIS was barely hanging on before Russia announced the death of their leader. The end of ISIS may be within reach.


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  1. Hate that annoying click at the beginning of the video's, Fix your volume, and get rid of the robo.

  2. Many blessings to Mr. Putin! Russia finally has an intelligent real leader who takes care of business. Thank you sir

  3. President should not do anything to ISIS otherwise they might come after whoever touch them , so far the only terrorist in US are liberals .

  4. Only the Russians and Syria will 'take care' of ISIS as all the rest support/fund them. Time for the U.S. to get out of Syria and take Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, and of course Israel… with them. Notice that Israel doesn't have any ISIS attacks?? Wonder why?

  5. Trump is dealing with a lot of people who have "game" but, he catches on fast…

  6. was that pic of Putin a wax figure? It is real looking.

  7. President Vladimir Putin, YOU MISSED 3 OF THE TOP RING LEADERS OF ISIS/ISIL! But it's going to much harder to Erase these 3 because they reside in Washington DC! They are : Barrack H Obama, Hillary R Clinton and Senator John McCain! Please ERASE THESE 3 TRAITORS for us! Our laws prevent us from Arresting these 3 SCUMS OF THE EARTH! Please HURRY!

  8. Dear mister Putin…..jolly well done…I hope you claim the bounty from America

  9. I like Putin, he's got a good mind and a huge pair.

  10. I'll bet there were at least six CIA agents in that meeting. This is really going to piss the corporate masters off.

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  13. Have you considered . . . those that hate Putin and Russia so much, usually are the ones that fund, arm and support ISIS?
    You REALLY think that saying Obama & Hillary founded, funded, armed and support ISIS was a joke? You already know that Democrats are Anti-America, anti-freedom and think it's OK to shoot Republicans.

  14. Fake News…were is the video? were is the proof?

  15. Democrats are going even crazier with this news…good

  16. need to bomb London and other countries with Muslims. Putin and Trump should get together and start killing

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