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Why did you abandon us!? – Ukrainian asks Putin

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  1. All Russians, Americans, or any other nationality that accept Vladimir Putin's authoritarian propaganda at face value are a pack of pathetic mentally inferior farm animals who deserve to live under a dictatorship with no freedoms their entire lives

  2. Sadly if Russia stepped in NATO would be all over it and what would happen is not something i want to even think about.. I am a Ukrainian Canadian and again sadly Ukraine will have to get its self out of this mess or Make an plea on the world stage asking Russia for help…

  3. Putinism, the political and economic system of the 21 century. Respect

  4. President putin is best in the world he knows and acts to the words he speak. Russians are far far far more better and reliable and honest people than double faced americans. Lots and lots of respect to Russians and please God give some brain to americans. Long live mother Russia.

  5. If Putin would of said anything else Western media would of used it against him and demonize him for it. Western media would of blow up the tv and the internet with propaganda to make Putin look like a villain.

  6. europig union now using ukraine territory for nato training and using ukranian womens as prostitutes

  7. I live in NZ, I have a friend in Ukraine she asked me the exact same question regarding Crimea, Why did he do it?? She is absolutely gutted. I told her Putin had to do it for geo strategic importance because as always the west is closing in on their territory and Crimea has MASSIVE military importance for Russia/Ukraine and the rest of the free world in defeating these heartless bastards!

  8. bier te Ukrainę w pizdu od wschodu, my od zachodu, temat zamknięty. nasze polskie miasto Lwów, Wasz Krym i Donbas. Ukraina? wymyślony kraj. Rosja i Polska.

  9. where can i see full traduction évent

  10. First time that I have seen putin not really answer the question.

  11. All this Russian comments with perfect English

  12. Cuz ……too much prostitution n less devlopment…ukraine is like dumbest guy in the class who is jst present to survive

  13. The way Putin speaks, he knows what he is talking about.
    Unlike that "son of a whore" Obama, he only speaks for himself, his wife has a questionable gender too. Yuck!

  14. But what about the people of Ukraine and their revolution way back in 2014, they wanted their leader to sign an EU agreement rather than a coalition with Putin. What's happening out there?

  15. please Putin undo the JW ban it isn't right

  16. If West and especially US wouldn´t put their nose in Ukraine, half of the country would be happily part of Russia right now.

  17. Cause if he is pro Euromaidan than he has no business​ asking Putin why he abandoned Ukraine.

  18. Cause if he is pro Euromaidan than he has no business​ asking Putin why he abandoned Ukraine.

  19. Russia can't comment much because all of the Western propaganda will turn it around and use it against them.

  20. Could you imagine any of our so called leaders spending time like this on news shows and allowing people to ask questions?

  21. Wait that Dimitri guy is Eastern Ukrainian or Kiev Supporter?

  22. Wait did he really say they don't paint anyone black? Lmao unless it's the US that is

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