Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, Although barely a day goes by without a media source or U.S. elected official talking about Russia’s antipathy toward America and its efforts to meddle in national elections, Russian President Vladimir Putin used a call-in show Thursday to insist there is no enmity directed at the U.S.

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Putin Claims Russia Has No Hard Feelings Against The US

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  1. TRUMP#45 is our prez just a what if….if Putin was prez of the US i would guarantee he would not tolerate any of the bullshit that dems were pulling they would all be rounded up including the rioters and prosecuted quickly and swiftly…just a thought.

  2. The Dems are keeping the Trump/ Russian thing in the forefront because they are in great fear that Trump & his people will unite with Russia in taking out the Dems BFF ISIS buddies!!! The terrorist begin with the Rothchilds & George Soros through the Bush family, Clinton's to Obama. They are America's enemy. They are the terrorist.

  3. 99% of the American people want to be friends with Russia. It is only the evil Democrats and the news media and the new world order that is trying to cause the problem. But we do not stand with them period we stand with President Trump and President Putin.

  4. Putin is correct but he is fighting against the USA Illuminati along with you Alex Jones plus the rest of us right minded peasants.. Trump should start with confiscating the Rothschild $500 Trillion and immediately jail Soros and all his followers.

  5. Putin over Hillary or obama any time. The left is ruining our country.

  6. I would agree I have said this ever since somebody had first talked about Russian collusion with the elections and stuff bullshit lies and deception this is why I had me a custom hat made with the bold letters BS LD

  7. Trust me… if Putin had his way he'd want Hillary in office. Another wimpy liberal to take over for Obama… the worst potus in history.

  8. The first James Bond movie: From Russia With Love

  9. Putin has more concern for the American people than our racially sensitive Liberal politicians who have knowingly been blaming and scapegoating Russia to excuse their own criminal activities that they justify to themselves by seeing a hero every time they look in the mirror. RUSSIA IS NOT AN ENEMYOF USA ANTIFA IS.

  10. Gary how about you and I meet witH Mr. Putin? I am the same age as Brother Trump … I am a Conservative. Let him know that we wish to be friends and Allies. I have a lot of respect for the Russian people. I don't want war with them. Mr. Putin probably follows you and InfoWars.

  11. Why don't people see that Russia likes more than almost anyone else! Germany, Italy, France—I don't think so. They're so wrapped up in being politically correct & taking in those stinkin muslims that they think we're their enemy. Russia has become better Christians than us (don't think so—just cruise some of their video's on You Tube). Communism is out—Christianity is in. They're our best ally. Putin is going out of his way to be friends with us. What more do you want?

  12. i notice Gary wearing rubber gloves in the beginning 'promo' with the coin..but now it is just an office paper weight seems no big deal to get his swetty -palms all over it. LOL js

  13. The only issue I have with Russia is the fact they invaded my homeland of Armenia and killed my great great grandparents so long ago. All these years though traveling there though has taught me to remember the past but only look to the future since the people there are hard work and they have the same issues we have here

  14. Good to hear President Putin has this view of the US.
    The Tides have turned…
    MSM have been Exposed and the likes of McCain is viewed as Insane.
    We would all Benefit from better relations with Russia.

  15. This is the 3rd time I have been unsubscribed against my will from this channel.

  16. This was a positive statement spoken by the russian president. I would like to see a visit by president Trump to meet the russian president.

  17. The dems and libtard's really need to shut up about Russia, otherwise they may actually become our enemy.

  18. Russia was the boogyman in the 50's. You don't know how pleasant & & comforting to know they are America's friend. Now, for me America's Democratic Party are the Boogeyman & I would rather be afraid of Russia. A country for away. But I instead find myself feeling very betrayed by my own country ever since the first demonic So called daddy Bush till Obama or what ever name he is going by now. All I can feel now is knowing the safety & peace I will have when the Millennium is here. I can look down in the pit of Hell & see everyone of those demons in it suffering… with no way out!!! The Russians more than likely at my side. Putin saying I told them to stop their nonsense.

  19. The left is full of shit as usual? What a fucking surprise. Literally from November 2016 all the way until the end of time, they will continue to bash anything that has to do with Trump because they will always be salty about losing the election and being made out to be fools. That's why you can't take them seriously. Their whole "game" has been bashing Trump. They will make up shit, spin shit and feed shit to as many people who will listen if it means saying bad things about Trump.

  20. yes.. Putin and Russia are Communist. But, I do believe it is in all our best interest to maintain each other as allies. that does not mean to be nieve.

  21. Imagine if the USA and Russia combined thier nations by creating a strong alliance. They would be invincible.

  22. if this is true, why are the left not talking about this? they don't want the US to hear any of this.

  23. On the world wide scene Russians are the good guys and America comes off like the bad guys. Thanks to Obama and Killary.  Putin is just a great leader, no  gmo's  promotes and awards large families. hopefully we will always be an ally.  Killary  on Monsatan  payroll.

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