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For Boris Nemtsov [3V]

One has to be real careful what one says these days, especially when some people “can become so offended at the slight of others”.

For speaking out against the way the system works in Russia, Boris Nemtsov “paid with his life”. This is not about Vladimir Putin and how Vladimir runs the Duma, it isn’t about anything really … other than how someone so passionate about what they felt could be taken away from life possibly for being “an exponent alternative” on national affairs in today’s Russia.

Boris’s mother had just turned 81 when this tragic event occured.

Lyrically speaking, the song accompanying this short espouses the challenges one can experience for having a different point of view.

There’s a wide range of doumentaries depicting its varied way of life on Russia, away from the politics,”it’s an interestingly outward country geographically” but we need to ask ourselves
why anyone anywhere in the world when one “having a different view have to meet circumstances” other than should occur “or be expected” [for expressing an indifferent point of view] “in today’s modern world”.

No inference of of any kind or description intended.

watch the film short for Boris Nemtsov here.

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