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Hillary Clinton to Putin: I can go tag animals with you

Christiane Amanpour asks Hillary Clinton about her back and forth relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. More from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/

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  1. She's arrogant and disrespectful, and she wonders why the same is returned to her.

  2. Men and women are different get over it

  3. she is charmed by Putin. trying to flirt him.

  4. Thank the good lord she didn't become president.

  5. Putin is like a baby that constantly needs to be spanked! 😂😂 Oh, and newsflash, Donald Chump is as dumb and as stupid as they get, he thinks Andrew Jackson was alive during the Civil War!!😂😂

  6. Bitch I wouldnt wanna take you out doing anything, nothing to do with your gender, you are just a horrible person

  7. Kim Jong Un is BETTER than HER !!!

  8. Hillary Clinton can be dishonest and corrupt but that woman is one of the most experienced and qualified presidential candidate ever! No one can't deny that.

  9. A man with a slightly lesser man vomit inducing HURL!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. she tryn so hard to achieve something just beceause Bill cheated on her

  11. Her description of him in meetings and presser is absolutely spot on and she never meant it as an insult but more like Putin means bussiness and loves to have a poker face which is good but difficult to communicate with.

  12. I'd like to see her have a conversation with Putin and no scripts. He would destroy her! She's not even on the same level.

  13. Any human that cares about animals has a kind heart and intelligent mind. Putin dislikes most people and who can blame him??

  14. She's cynical, rude and condescending.

  15. Hillary thinks she's talking about a boy who puts his hand in the cookie jar. The reality is that she's the jar and Putin is the man who's about to smash it with a sledgehammer.

  16. Lol, is this the leader of USA? Is this the best option you have got? God bless America

  17. What business is it of hers if Russia and Crimea have agreements? And Putin never "invaded"

  18. This story sounds like more bullshit.

  19. I will tap-dance on this filthy cunt's grave.

  20. she's pretty, but ugly at the same time…its like you can cut her phoniness and witchiness with a knife

  21. Dumb bitch does'nt know she's walking into quicksand.

  22. hey BITCH is this part of your EMAILS TOO the Fuck…..Vladimir Putin Is Too smart to lie to your scrawny Ass Little White Bitch I heard you Donald Trump and Him met to deal Through Mainstream media I hope you run for president of the united States of America because we are doomed to very begin with

  23. She's very clever. If she can find common ground with Putin. There might be some sliver of hope she can work with the retarded Republicans in Congress to get something done after she wins the election. HRC all the way baby! Hillary 2016!

  24. Lying is a skill……and this woman is highly-skilled.

  25. You know, it's a sign of weakness when you start talking shit about your opponents.
    Putin never does that.

  26. I would like to believe this story except that Hillary lied about landing in gunfire. So it's hard to believe any story she tells.

  27. Putin would walk all over Hillary just like he does with Obama .He thrives on weakness

  28. invasion of crimea? which movie did u see clinton? NO ONE SOLDIER in crime zero war in crimea clinton wake up, they just voted a referendum to come in russia, do you autodetermination referendum clinton? yes the same you proposed in kossovo (to please your saudi friends) …

  29. If she will become a president, I finally will be able to say "America is done". The US will never have a future with this woman, why do americans like her? She will see off a war with Putin and compel the european countries to do what the US does ! America is done if she will come to power !

  30. Americans are just messing all around the world. But when you show the attitude like Putin did they just go away with the tail between their legs. They are not good in open confrontation and they already saw in Vietnam how confrontation with Russia looks like. They are not ready to die for anything except in the Hollywood propaganda movies.

  31. Because Putin means business and doesn't talk shit like you. Plus he knows your a witch. Of course his body language will be as you mentioned because he's genuine.

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