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Macbook Air 2013 iCloud EFI firmware lock removal in seconds


This device removes and unlocks the Apple Mac (2010 – 2016) EFI BIOS passwords in around 15 seconds.

The purpose of this device is to help people who doesn’t have soldering skills, wants to unlock their device without dismantling the logic board or soldering the EFI BIOS chip.

The process is as simple as connecting the SPI cable to the connector or SOIC8 cable to the EFI chip and turn on the unlocker and everything is done automatically.

The conventional password removing technique by soldering is difficult and time consuming even for the experts, but with this device, it’s easy, quick and hassle free.

The device works with 2x AA batteries and it comes with the SOIC8 clip and the flexible SPI cable with two ends which supports 2010 – 2016 models*

There are no license restrictions so you can use it as many times as you want.

There are no needs for checking the power state such as connecting the magsafe adapter and / or the internal battery to start the unlocking**

There are no messing with the confusing GPIO cable or wrong pin connection, just plug and play.

More features will be added to this device and the SPI cable so you will be future proof in case of new updates.

Documentation and instructions will be sent in the package.
Most payment methods accepted including Paypal, Bitcoin and Altcoins.

It will be sent the same or next working day.

Please order now while the stocks are limited.

For more info: https://macunlocks.com/product/apple-mac-efi-bios-password-icloud-lock-remover-and-unlocker-in-seconds/


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  1. hello is there any way you can message me i have a new macbook air with the same problem I am located in torrance ca i was wondering what my costs would be?

  2. je ne suis pas la pour faire de la publicité
    mais ce vendeur est professionnel
    l’appareil fonctionne a 100%

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