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Russia: ‘Welcome to Russia’ – Putin opens the Confederations Cup

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev attended the opening match of FIFA 2017 Confederations Cup between the Russian and New Zealand national teams, at the Zenit Arena in St. Petersburg, Saturday.

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  1. Vladimír Putin, nejlepší politik světa, všichni můžeme Rusku závidět takového prezidenta

  2. The World Cup does not exist for nothing, it was founded around people no matter what origin you are, we are all human beings have a joy for life, racism and hate do not belong here

  3. Putin did it, blame it on Putin for being so GREAT.

  4. I respect President Putin a lot because he loves his country and he is NOT controlled by Israeli AIPAC!

  5. I ❤ Putin!
    I ❤ 🇷🇺🇷🇸

  6. Vladimir, my Friend is SO HANDSOME, as always….my son, Benjamin, and I would LOVE nothing in the world more than to go to the football game with him… :^)

  7. Long live to Russia and Putin….God bless Putin!.

  8. please show the full opening ceremony!!

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