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[2017] Delete iCloud Account without password & Turn OFF Find my iPhone

This tutorial works with iOS 7, iOS 8 & iOS 9. You can delete your iCloud account and Turn Find my iPhone off without knowing your iCloud password.


PATH FOR FIRST FOLDER : var/mobile/library/accounts

PATH FOR SECOND FOLDER : var/mobile/library/ConfigurationProfiles

This will work for:
– iPhone 5
– iPhone 5s
– iPhone 6
– iPhone 6s
– iPhone 6 plus
– iPhone 6s plus


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– Abdul Moiz Farooq


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  1. Do not be fooled, the account is "hidden" ie restarting our iphone will ask us the account we have supposedly deleted;)

  2. hello I have a iPhone 6 ios 9.3.2 is it for this version

  3. Why dose it have to be jail broken this deserves a dislike

  4. Thank you very man, your man

  5. Sir how about locked i cloud? can u help me my iphone?

  6. i love you man….i already sub your channel

  7. Sir i could not fimd this app on app store

  8. how can i find JAILBROKEN DEVICE?

  9. How do I jailbreak an iPhone 5 on iOS 10.0.2

  10. my i.o.s version is 9.3.2 on which i.o.s version this ifile is available… ?????

  11. Lol you need the password to download anything so how the fuck do you expect meto get the app..?

  12. I'm trying to do this but I can't find configuration profiles in iFile. Help?

  13. After restoring device asking old Apple id

  14. great. it worked on my iPad 4….. !!!!!!
    now i have my ney apple ID on my ipad… thnx Bro

  15. Can't find and download "ifile" that you are using. i tried to download a "file" but its not working..please help me!thx

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