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American MSM Bullies Oliver Stone for “Being Too Kind” to Putin

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  1. People in Australia who are Pro Russia and Pro Putin for destroying the Jewmerica's ISIS looked on the interview favourably. America us the greatest problem the world faces a failing country trying to dominate the world for its Jew Masters.

  2. Why would anybody watch U.S. lamestream presstitude dinosaur media?

  3. Hate to say this, again, but Putin is one hell of a smart man.

  4. The behavior of Steven Colbert and the audience (which COULD have been electronically enhanced, who knows?) was disgraceful. Colbert has gotten even more cocky in recent weeks. I tried to watch a replay of that but I had to stop after a minute because I didn't have the stomach. Shame on Colbert. Putin did warn Stone that there would be a backlash to doing this, thankfully Stone did it anyway.

    I hope they stream this interview on Netflix, more people need to see it.

  5. Putin and Stone don't suffer fools. This movie is going to be great…an exciting meeting of two great minds .

  6. Putin is a brilliant man with a firm grasp of the implications of events in history

  7. Oliver Stone is one of those very rare Americans – honest.

  8. Colbert is a Globalist funded cyka. Nationalism and fighting terror #1

  9. US and Russia should join hand against terrorism and for humanity, it will be victory of world. in fact all top powerful nations must join hand against terrorism.

  10. Putin = Boss Man…Looking forward to what Oliver stone has offer

  11. Typical neoconservatives still treating the Russian Federation as if they are still the Soviet Union.

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