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Putin से जुड़ी ये 10 बातें जानते हैं आप? Obama भी कहीं नहीं टिकते, देखिए उनका अंदाज

In the case of military strength, Pakistan does not stay anywhere near India. But the Pakistani army also has some weapons that Jind has many cities in India. Let’s know who are those weapons, which threatens India.
Vladimir Putin was born in a poor Soviet family. Putin’s family lived with three more families in the block of an apartment in St. Petersburg. In his biography, Putin has written that he used to work to get rid of rats in the remaining time.
Putin is the master of Russian martial arts Sambo. President Putin has also revealed that he was learning Judo when he was 18 years old. It was because of the fact that fewer boys than their age had attained maturity, but Putin was left behind.
Putin’s personal life is not much revered. His photo of his family has never come to the Russian media either. Putin’s daughter has two daughters Maria Putin and Tekretina Putin, who was born in the mid-1980s in Germany.

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