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  1. Oliver is a clown with russian banana in his ass.

  2. Americans get nothing but trump gets his pee pee tapes kept private until putin wants something else

  3. I liked following the French election, we should do it like that. Oh I'm leaning towards idiot.

  4. This is inaccurate. play the clip of the question as well. The US is stuffing everywhere too. Just get your shit together if you what to criticise other countries you flipping moffie. In the mean time shut the F*** up.

  5. 22 flat earthers disliked the video

  6. Strange how Trump supporters follow Putin tactics by refusing any scrutiny of their guy by pointing out how shitty Hillary is or would have been. Its as if their only defense is to point out its all one big shit casserole and no one has the right to accuse Trump of being a corrupt con artist.

  7. …but but, I live in Maryland!!

  8. world is much peaceful due to Russia..

  9. you must watch Amy Goodman < Greg Pallast voter hacking in the us by trump appointee
    Using organization cross check. Its real and it is happening to the June Georgia election
    be informed and get iit into the mainstream .

  10. It is always about the money.
    It there was collusion someone thought it was a way to get even richer.

  11. John Oliver FUCK YOU!!! no not from russia!!! Fuck you from greece

  12. Bill English or Donald trump – you decide.

  13. Points finger a laughs …. (from New Zealand)

  14. Фу! Жид вонючий! Провонял весь эфир!

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