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Putin EXPOSES The World War 3 Plan

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  1. isis isis isis isis their what we need to be worried about. why are we still poking at Russia?? Putin will destroy America!!

  2. I'm a fan of President Puten, up to now he has been a straight shooter. But I doubt even he, himself believes that his latest actions, coupled with his productions would be unthreatening to the NATO Alliance including more specifically, the United States.

    Referencing using an EMP emitter against a US Vessel and then afterwards doing fly bye's as if to attack.

    Complicating the North Korean standoff by aligning Russia with North Korea despite UN Sanctions.

    Bolstering the AS-400 and AS-500 missle defense systems capabilities against, again specifically, the United States.

    Not to mention aligning with Iran and now Sierria… any other country out there that are anti-American which you would like to align Russia with? To what end, if not to aid in the attack or downfall of the United States?

    By the way, how is your plot to weaken the U S. Dollar coming along?

    Don't you think the U.S. was aware of how far Russia was down trodded when your economy collapsed and your military couldn't afford to fly an airplane (let alone build one)…we knew all of this and assisted with the rebuilding of your nation. We did this not to be enemies once more but hoped you would align with the rest of the Civilized Nations. But again, Russia turned it's back.

    Russia would be a great asset to NATO. You might want to re-evaluate your thinking before throwing stones at glass houses. Yours might have been built with the same materials.

    I'm not at all surprised the cold war and weapons race are rekindled. As I am sure Putin isn't as surprised as he would like us to believe. Russia continued to stockpile Nuclear weapons sighting that they didn't agree to reduce their warheads in accordance with the INF treaty. So naturally, now the U.S. is playing catch up.

    And yes, the U.S. has Nuclear Submarines. So does Russia. Putin has threatened a Nuclear war where "There will be no winners!". Just by making such a remark puts the Nuclear option on the table. Surely, Putin would understand that!

  3. if you are part of the lies that lead us to war the burden will be too great for you to bare sir! Be warned !!!! God is watching all of us!! we will all stand accountable!!!

  4. he doesn't have a plan STOP ! creating Russian paranoa in the West! Putin desires peace he s said it every time this issue comes up and he will continue to say it. this man walks toward peace of West goes to war with Russia it won't be be side of him.

  5. this info here is extremely old..

  6. Just another Bolshivnik News site.

  7. Go Putin!!! A good man know doubt

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