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Putin says sanctions won’t lead to ‘collapse’

Russian President Vladimir Putin told state media proposed sanctions would hurt U.S.-Russia relations, but it’s too early to think about retaliation.

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  1. It will hurt big investors from Europe, who got well used to milking russia and it's imbecile enterpreneurs(most of which assume themselves to be). "Regular" people, not a single bit. You, in most EU countries, are well defended by working democracy, constitutions and similar acts. And what Putin meant, stating "sanctions will likely have no effect", while having obvious propagandistic intentions(initial interview, shown in the footage was taken by the most well-known brainwashing russian mass media under control of that same government Putin represents(through a 2stepcompany system, owned by his close associates)), in reality reads: don't worry, bro. everyone in my environment and our families will simply get a redistributed share of annual/passive benefits in a slightly new fashion, my 100+ advisers are yet to come up with this time, and at the expense of downing poors even further, just as we usually do. Prime example would be "Rossiya" bank in 2014 and how they redistributed internal flows.

  2. I hope so I there economy goes do it takes down a lot of Europe which will hurt us so pain for the leadership not the people

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