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Putin To Disclose Nibiru

Former KGB agent Strelnikov Issac Stepanovich says that Russian President Vladimir Putin has severed an uneasy “Nibiru Alliance” with Donald Trump and has decided to warn the world about Nibiru in the coming months.

I hope to have an update on this in the coming week.

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  1. Thank you for listening.
    lease keep in mind that I am a journalist. Not an opinion writer. The opinions expressed within the content belong to the source and are often not my own. When I express my own thoughts on issue, I clearly preface them with a comment.

    Unlike other channels, I do not delete comments unless the individual makes repeated, hateful, vicious personal attacks either upon me or other listeners. I believe all voices should be heard, regardless of their stance on the Nibiru / Planet X phenomenon.

    Interested in co-hosting a live show with me, leave a comment below. We can set up a date and time.

  2. Hello I have a lot to say on the subject please contact me

  3. # 1 this is hear-say. No credible witness. Supposedly ???????????????? Putin is going to tell the world about a planet (that still is speculation.) Not sure why your face is covered. From your paleness you may need to take an iron supplement. I am pretty sure that world leaders would not allow one "interesting" person to inform the world of dire consequences. Infact the "governments" of the world would only inform us within a 24 hour period (if we are lucky) to tell the world of impending doom. Journalist or no  journalist you have a commitment to verify truth which means you need to do research before you post video's.

  4. I fear for Putan because the new world order, Illuminati and world Bankers may send their
    assassins to kill this man because they want the take control of the whole world by offering their way to control the World in the emotionally charged aftermath of the World wide Human deaths and destruction of life sustaining human needs such as food , water
    Shelter, Electricity ect . folks pray to the lord Jesus Christ to save you and repent of
    sinning and forgive your enemies or god wont forgive your sins, no one gets to heaven who wants revenge, or has hatred or violence against anyone The God of heaven is a GOD of life not death.

  5. Message from Sananda – Truth About Nibiru – 1-11-16
    I have something special for you today. I see, again, there is a lot of fear talk about Niburu.  Would you like to know the real truth behind Niburu?  And also, the beginning of the cabal?
    If so, then I believe you will enjoy all that I have laid out before you…
    Why is Earth Ascending now? Simple. It has been forced to. Those living in the future with great technological advances from lives millions of years in the future looked into this Timeline to find Earth and one third of the Milky Way Galaxy completely destroyed. A Plan was made for the Milky Way Galaxy and Earth as well as other neighboring Stars to restore them to their original Pristine Beauty. In order to accomplish this enormous task the damaged Timelines had to be restored and merged with the Timelines of the future.
    What was it that did the damage? The small handful of dark cabal who mined and enslaved Earth took their profits, developed reverse engineered Extraterrestrial Craft and learned to go into deep space with propulsion and energy systems unknown to Humanity on Earth at that time. They then went on to mine and enslave other Stars and Planets.
    They were not stopped. Nuclear weapons, their means of control, destroyed more and more of the Milky Way Galaxy as happened to Niburu, to Maldek, the Earth crystalline Moon, and the surface of Mars including her oceans and rivers.
    Nuclear War has been an issue going back through the history of your Solar System. A nuclear blast destroyed Niburu and it was rebuilt around its own Sun. It is both a StarShip, a MotherShip carrying a crew of 20 million people as well as a Planet. This is hard to fathom, although true. Niburu existed in the Aurora Sun System which had 23 Suns. Nuclear war destroyed Niburu. With technology far advanced of your imaginations
    a MotherShip was made into existence with 12 stories and holding all forms of nature inside including mountains, forests, animals. Every form of plant and mineral life may be found there on Niburu. On Niburu the Crew are of many species all of which are humanoid, though not all resemble Humanity on Earth. Ninety percent of life forms within your Sun
    System are humanoid. Each their own Humanity sharing common genes. Some
    are part woman (man) and part horse, elephant, lion, serpent, alligator, pterodactyl, ibis, hawk, lady bug, preying mantis, and many, many others. There are 200,000 different species of Human hybrids in your Solar System.
    There are many stories out there about the Annunaki and Nephilium from Niburu. The work of scholar Zecharia Stichin is used to justify these stories. His research is good. The more recent stories are made up and attributed to him. He passed on a few years ago and would be greatly disturbed to know his translations are being used this way to manipulate fear of those from Niburu. The number of Annunaki who defiled their people was four. Four original Annunaki defiled the memories of those on Earth. They went out and recruited others of all races to help their dark cause.
    Many they recruited were from the Constellation called Dracos. This was the home of the Dragon People, the Snake People, the Alligator People, the Dinosaur People and the Lizard People. These are who now and always have been the cabal. The number of false prophets has grown. Why? Control. Enslavement.

  6. pretty fu**in ironic that yesterday the US shoots down a Syrian jet. Opening likelihood MSM will downplay Putin's Nibiru message to the world. SUX

  7. i like Putin (see him with animals), but i don't believe he will tell the world about Nibiru. If he tells, he will be killed by the deep state.

  8. Annie, I agree with you totally, I Never like watching any video I see that look's 2 hour's or more, I mainly pick one's that go for under 20 minute's.

  9. what ever you do, do forget to pay your taxes!!!

  10. Ridiculous. So let's wait 5 months to reveal it. If this was true, it should be revealed immediate! I'm not saying it's not true but I am saying Putin should reveal it now.

  11. look behind you it's Big foot. no it's the Hillbilly's from Deliverence Run Boy


  13. He should … because it will be so obvious … the Great American Eclipse will do all the work for the asshole leaders and the District of Criminals.

  14. I herd this Nov. why is everyone saying two years?. Isn't Sept. the start of birth pains…..

  15. they been saying it for ages and still hasn't happened
    this is not going to happen

  16. I feel that we don't have 2 years time, the pictures that people have been taking show that it is very near to us and there is also the up tick in earthquakes and volcanoes blowing including Yellowstone that show it is nearer than most think.

  17. bible says this earth will NOT be destroyed….do not fear
    Jesus ' coming is close
    be ready for Him rather

  18. The one thing that concerns me is that when putin does this the western media will make him look like he is full of shit and no one will listern to him as i think this is why putin wanted to do it with trump together as then the world would have to listern but him by himself will probably be shutdown when he trys it

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