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  1. When theres intelligent conversation taking place, they put sports in the corner? WTF

  2. First Praise Kek second The Normies will not silence us Church of Kek is now recruiting members get on the website and sign up the only mandatory tenet is you can not accept mandatory tenets

  3. OMG I'm fairly much right of center and Oliver Stone just sounded perfectly reasonable to me.

  4. Oliver Stone: a Good Man, a Real Patriot

  5. He is tolking true and only true….

  6. Holy shit the left is turning on Oliver Stone? The dude that was best friends with Hugo Chavez is too ridiculous for them now?

  7. Ollie has it right on just about everything. If he called out the j00s, he'd be even MORE accurate.

  8. "Unlike many partners of yours, we never interfere within the domestic affairs of other countries".

    I don't know if I want to laugh or if I want to cry.

  9. This Nigga is fucking HARD YO!

  10. Oliver Stone is a moron liberal who can't except that he was WRONG to support progressives his entire life!

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