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Colbert Smears Oliver Stone’s Putin Interviews

The Colbert Report is nothing more than a propaganda machine, and Oliver Stone’s interview draws eyeballs no matter what because the truth is addicting!
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6XQOD-7VhA


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  1. watched all episodes amazing interview

  2. the ruling class want us to kill each other.
    let's tell 'em to go f..ck themselves

  3. Good job, kiddo. I wiped my ass with Colbert after this. I am done with Colbert after seeing this disaster of an interview with Oliver Stone. Colbert several times saying he hasn't seen it. Well I saw it, and it confirmed what I suspected: Putin is a strong, thoughtful, patient leader who loves his country. Moreover he moved up the ranks and had the GUTS to resign from the KGB at great risk. Oliver Stone did ask tough questions, but not like they do in American media by talking over people with empty platitudes. Forgotten by many is Russia is not part of the West, not part of the Middle East, not part of South America, it's Russia.

  4. Well articulated! Keep up the good work! I am a big fan of Colbert but don't like some of his segments where he goal seeks certain agenda – which is extremely political and partisaned.. then hides under the cloak of 'it's all comedy'. Hats off to Oliver Stone for thinking differently and doing this documentary.

  5. I wish more people could be as objective as you are, and at your age, I'm assuming you're a teenager, or may be in your early 20's! Great analysis, and we have to give it to Oliver Stone, for not backing down in the face of such backlash and the way they laughed and mocked him on that show.

  6. Good work man. I had the same questions when i watched that Colber interview, found it rediculas. Oliver Stone done a great job allowing Putin discuss his position and he did it very well.

  7. You deserve far more viewers. You're so young but so wise already. Personally I don't like the interviews (I have the HD set of four). It's for Americans. I can't stand the format. But maybe it will reach some westerners or Americans, all help is welcome.

  8. thank you I feel better now
    I could believe colber could act like stupid evil teen

  9. Downloaded every episode after it aired, Oliver Stone did an awesome job by being neutral instead of morally waving a finger like many celebs / politicians do in the west towards Russia.

  10. An informed perspective I can appreciate. Well done, sir. A nimble mind is a waning virtue.

  11. This is such a fresh and notably sober opinion for a person from the US, where media is trying to be haunting on this subject matter. Can I ask you about your education background? Are/Did you studying/ed International Relations or other social science? Thanks

  12. See what Putin says to Stone at the end of the series…

  13. I hope your channel goes far!

  14. I'm russian and I'm so happy to see this…you're not brainwashed and really a smart guy thank you so much for saying your thoughts on it!👍I wish people looked deeper in all situations and always listened to both sides! All that propaganda just creates hate and wars tbh….all people want in fact is just peace!

  15. As a russian I kinda want to shake your hand. This amount of hate and fear-mongering that goes on in US media is ridiculous. I may not like Putin, but my reasons are completely different from those discussed in media. They are simply fake in a lot of instances and its really refreshing to see that somebody is asking the right questions for a change. Thank you for your video, its kinda easier to breath after watching it.

  16. 1) Here are links to Part 1 and 2:


    I've always liked Putin – until that anti-gay mess came up thanks to lobbying efforts by American evangelical Christians going to Russia to lobby parliamentarians to criminalize it. I understand they had 5 hours of talk time in front of the Russian parliament, which then voted to make it illegal to be homosexual or hang around with homosexuals. Until then, it wasn't a problem for Putin or Russia. As Russia is not a dictatorship, I'm not sure how stongly the Orthodox Christian feels about the issue. He certainly backed down during the olympics. I generally follow Putin's speeches and interviews. I find him honest, extremely intelligent, and he has a gentle but quick sense of humor. He certainly knows his facts and can recite numbers and statistics from memory – as he did in his recent "questions from citizens" press televised conference.

    Remember this?

  17. a M KELLY poem) pass it on…

  18. Advice: It's a good idea to post links to full video(s) in description box when you use clips.

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