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Donald Trump motorcade vs Vladimir Putin motorcade


Please watch: “Top 10 Secrets Only Two People Know”



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  1. Putin vs Trump? really? It's like comparing Jupiter and my dick.
    Putin > Trump

  2. Video should read: "US President motorcade vs. any other country's President motorcade"

  3. Criminals must love it when they come to town all the coppers are busy

  4. trumps is blocked off Putin is not

  5. This was Obama motorcade not Trump

  6. That was Obama's motorcade lmao.

  7. President Trump had all American made cars, motorcycles, vans and SUV's. What? No Russian vehicles in his motorcade? Putin had a smorgasbord of European vehicles. Didn't seem organized as well.

  8. is that archangel Michael coming?

  9. you , the one who uploaded this go fuck yourself

  10. FIRST Motorcade was German motorcade, not sure who was in it,

  11. This was Obamas Motorcade, fake fucking news, fuck off ON TOP.

  12. LIES LIES LIES Trumps motorcade ??? bullshit.. That was president Obama motorcade in San Francisco TRUTH !!!! tony from Edinburgh Scotland….

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