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even the left don’t like oliver stone’s Putin interview

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  1. Martin – Putin WARNED Oliver Stone, as they said goodbye to one another, that he would likely find these interviews not well received in US. He said to Stone: "Have you ever been beaten up>" Stone, a little surprised, said: "Have I ever been beaten up? well – yes…" Putin replied: "Because you are going to be beaten up when these interviews are seen in your home country…." Later, I discovered that the US government will only provide funding for films that make the US look good. So Stone had to source funding elsewhere for his film on Snowden. I am sure he has a good number of wealthy contacts who like him and his films, and he will have secured the financing for "Snowden" from at least some of them. Presumably, he has done so also for the Putin interviews? or maybe the US government assumed they would show what a badass Putin is, and provided some funding themselves? Either way, Stone (who says he IS a Democrat) tells the truth as he sees it, and despite his unwillingness to commit himself to any particular view of Putin, directing enquirers to watch the films and judge for themselves as to Putin's character, he does admit that he thinks it necessary not just to accept what official sources tell us, but to try if possible to find out for oneself whether or not it is the truth. So he still considers himself a Democrat, but he is evidently that super-rare species of Democrat who THINKS for himself!

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