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In Search of Putin’s Russia – State of the Arts

We explore Russian arts and culture and its relationship with the country’s long, vibrant and, at times, brutal history.

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  1. This documentary had very little to do with the Arts. It makes no mention of the role of music, how Anna Netrebko and Valerie Gergiev have been ambassadors for Russia for many years. It didn't mention the resurgence of opera in the city of Perm or the importance of music in Novosobirsk. It didn't mention artistic achievements in Vladivostok, or the importance of music in the lives of Muslim women in the Caucuses republics. It focused on political culture, not the arts.

  2. shame this great documentary has aljazeera behide it ..realy shame

  3. best russian documentary i've ever seen

  4. Funny to see this guy, working for Al Jazeera, a Qatari media come to Russia and can move freely here to speak about "human rights". Did he know that Qatar hang people for homosexuality ?

  5. Suddenly all differing opinions are facists

  6. All is about lies and propaganda shame on you Aljazzra and stop crying about Putin and Russia

  7. Christians want to exterminate Muslims as much as Muslims want to wipe out Christians. Haven´t you see isis or the chetniks in serbia????

  8. Christians protect Muslims? Where does this Russian idiot lives. Muslims and Christians are enemies.

  9. Ugh, Hollywood keeps putting on reruns, kind of like our news: mental health, Neanderthals, cancer, celebrities.  Like the soviet union, they're choking the little guy out of selling his art while the others cheat.  Brittney Spears is tying herself to other sites for views.  Everything is a trap.  I'm so done.  I just want to hide in my nice house and ignore everything.

  10. Why are you searching for 'Putin's Russia' as opposed to Russia itself. Even the title of your program is propaganda. As if Russia belongs to Putin, it is the other way around, Putin belongs to Russia!

  11. пипец, зашла посмотреть фильм и тут оказались в коммах одни сплошные кремлевские тролли. И после этого нас называют с промытыми мозгами????

  12. пидор он и в Африке пидор

  13. ишшШ ты… по сталину заскучали? опять острая нехватка свинца в мозгах?

  14. Sir, you are the best! This is true Journalism Salute….

  15. better go search in qatar ISIS funding Terrorist ! ohh i forgot they pay your salary!!

  16. u should change the title to, " In search of Stalin's Russia"!!!

  17. No truer words have ever been spoken 4:12 ! Russia only reacted when they were attacked and sat back as Hitler took one country after another.

  18. president putin's fagatstan………….. hahahahahahahaha………..

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