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President of Russia Vladimir Putin on The Voice



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  1. I Laugh of Laugh the big man very funny when i saw his face

  2. the fat guy is definitely dead. Got revived and instantly rezsniped 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. It's not Putin,)) It's only parody from russian show "Big Difference". Putin originaly play on piano and sing some words at russian summit, our press show this moment on tv news, and this moment was repeated with some funny things. But, yes, Vladimir Putin can play at piano and sing jazz songs

  4. Legend singer putin love from Bangladesh

  5. MR.President of Russia.The world need peace and jou kan do it.

  6. I remember a story when Stalin attended the Soviet Writers Union's meeting where they were discussing a new book of some author (it was Sholokhov I think). And everybody started to criticize the book for having lack of "communist ideas", being too bourgeois, too vulgar. Stalin kept silent and finally said: "Comrades, its not my business, u are professionals but in my humble opinion as an ordinary Soviet reader I personally enjoyed this book very much." Now u can guess what was the immediate change of minds about the book in that audience, cause the humble opinion of some "ordinary people" are often more important then the opinion of all professionals)))))))))))

  7. I wonder what happens if Stalin sings on stage?

  8. Mr.Putin our only friend..

    love from India

  9. I love it. Thanks from Canada…

  10. You don't need to be smarter to know that this stupid video is a big fake

  11. all you who think it's fake…..you've been in russia too long!

  12. maybe they should play this song on big speakers mounted on helicopters while flying over isis compounds. they will probably take their lives to get away from it.

  13. I'm rootin for Putin brill singer and a and a nightmare for Isis may the blessings of Lenin be upon him

  14. Mr Vlad??? you want to sing? ok……..but why sing a classic AMERICAN SONG???……..AMERICAN?????

  15. Bad song hahahaahhahahahahahahahaha

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