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Putin playing a very dangerous game: Lt. Col. Oliver North

‘War Stories’ host Lt. Col. Oliver North on the rising tension in the Middle East after a Russian jet buzzes a U.S. Air Force plane.


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  1. Oliver North.. Piece of The finest American Shit.. Life will end for those old demons..

  2. Actually lt.Col North is wrong. Putin doesn't need Assad in power to have a warm water port. Putin could have Assad thrown out, allow a new government to come in and Putin makes a better deal with the new government. Civil war ends.

  3. Yes why does America have a base in Syria when they weren't even invited … These old dinosaurs just want War… This time it will hit there shores or ours..

  4. Fox ….really , Oliver North , this is the best you can do , he is a documented TERRORIST

  5. Lt. Col. Oliver North text book definition of a terrorist.

  6. Defending Terrorist ISIS. Creating them Funding them training them and then accusing Russia of playing dangerous game?

  7. When you look at the Muslims and the Liberal dont you see a parallel with the inabilaty to co exist in western civilazation. They both seek to destroy what they cant make for themselves.

  8. The perfect shady guest for this shady story.
    Oliver North engaged in illegal activity in the Iran-Contra deals in the 80s but charges were dropped because he had so much dirt on government officials and how drugs and weapons were traded around the world

  9. Fake news ! It takes two to tango

  10. shut the fuck up fake news russia will destry america im glad im mexica oh by the way mexico will be next to russia thats rite

  11. i wish the media would tell the truth. the us is the invader here. the russians are there at the request of the syrian government. if we're not careful we will have a war on our hands over yet another pile of sand that is absolutely no threat to us. this whole thing is about iran oil getting access to european markets.

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