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the deep state have been successful in keeping Putin and Trump apart

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  1. We the people should be able to get rid of the traitors now and treason two crime that are death or lifetime in prison!

  2. We wouldn't be having this much of a problem ,if we had sent the forties and the loyalists to the monarchy back to England in the 1700s

  3. Martin,
    People will stay in stocks as long as the return is better than leaving money in the bank.
    For example, a $100K 5 yr. jumbo CD only pays a 2.2% return. 2% ?? Really? Ridiculous! NOBODY under 60 is gonna let $100K sit in the bank for $2K. LOL!

  4. President Trump is a great man, God bless him he has to fight The MSM, The Radical Liberals, The Democrats, and on The Republican side he only has 4 Roaring Lions, VP Mike Pence, Sean Spicer, Newt Gingrich, and AG Jeff Sessions and rest of The GOP for the most part are a bunch of Spineless Jellyfish never circle the wagons for him, and he still has to run the country amazing!

  5. The FED and Stock Market crash has been planned after the 2008 crash. Home Owner Market crash is designed to make the American People renters not owners. Sale of Whole Food to Amazon is to corner control food products. Watch for Amazon and Montantoe (GMO Producer) to join, forcing Organic Food Growers out of the Market. JP Morgan has been buying and controlling the avaibility of sale on Gold & Silver. Sale prices have not gone down, but spot prices have. JP Morgan has been planning for the crash of the FED

  6. America has to become free under President Trump, this nation will be rid of traitors.

  7. Psycopaths can do anything and sleep like a baby.

  8. I think it's time for Trump to visit to Russia, at least ask him to visit us.  Who cares how that is going to look.  It doesn't matter.

  9. i watched oliver stones interview with mr putin, i dont see an evil man in putin, he was very candid and answered all of olivers questions,,give it a watch martin,

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