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The Putin interview with Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone asks Russian president why he contact the US election. What are you says throughout this interview will shock you.


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  1. Lady – write a script read it 3 times and then talk to the camera. You are talking with no sense of direction as you were talking to your husband who know your train of thought . we DO NOT! You are mixing two topics./
    Hacking into the USA data . Putin . had a simple and logical answer.
    The USA IS the biggest hacker in the world. We have enough hardware and software , algorithms, trackers, false clues etc. that if ANYONE hacked the USA it WAS the USA.
    For anyone whp knows the technology it is like a "DUH!"
    Snowden already explained it in details. Every branch of government is trying to get one up on the other. and the branches are not all "Kumbaya" look what WE got.
    SO……to the USA . ADMIT you have NOTHING regarding cyber-technology or shut the fuck up. because YOU hacked yourselves.
    As far as the oil . Yes everyone wants the oil – Who doesn't know that? But that had nothing to do with the cyber-shit. It was a simple VERY CANDID comment from Putin.
    "Russia is backing Bashar al-Assad (for whatever reason ). Strategically more than anything else.(this is NOT an oil thing – there is PLENTY of oil )
    Now the USA wants to back ISIS (which was what Obama did and WE all freaked ) THAT is the USA problem. Keep YOUR chickens in your coop. There is not going to be a Russia/USA war . One USA plane that's about to be retired took down a Syrian MiG with two shots. The only reason why that MiG was fucking around was so Russian can see what the USA has standing by.
    It is a game of chess, and your turning the whole thing into BINGO.

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