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Vladimir Putin Offers Asylum to James Comey

–Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a tongue-in-cheek offer of political asylum to former FBI Director James Comey


–On the Bonus Show: Oregon adds third gender option to driver’s licenses, woman sues casino for offering dinner instead of $43 million jackpot, Pence to speak at John Hagee’s conference, and much more…

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Broadcast on June 19, 2017


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  1. Reading the text, i actually think Putin is mocking your govt to be frank and how shambolic it`s running..the paragraph kinda gives it away ,paraphrace : it`s strange that a intelligence officer should be making notes whilst in conversation with the Commander-in Chief…. He is taking the p*ss guys, knowing many American`s do not understand irony..

  2. lol Putin is having a blast at America's expense! SAD!

  3. "The Supreme Commander" hahahahahaha. That's Trump I guess. 🍊

  4. Putin is having the a blast taking the piss out of America. Hahaha.

  5. Putin is the sith lord of trolls, diffrence between him and Sidious is that Putin have alot more apprentice which is all of em Russian internet trolls, all this is probobly to make democrats(Republic) and Comey(Yoda) look bad for revealing the connection between Darth Maul(Donald Trump) and the before uknown Lord Sidious(Putin)

  6. dude, this interpretation was way off.
    This guy was the fucking KGB director for 20 years, president of russia for more than 10. You really think that he will slip in this moment? This is americans viewing world politics just from their side.

    Putin said that the fact that Comey take notes is an alarm against trump, is a hint that comey himself felt in danger, that's why he then goes an compares him to snowden, who also leaked information to the press, but the difference is that snowden is a man of principles (and here he attach russia to this principles and himself, of course).
    Then, i agree that the offering of asylum was kinda troller, but! the end behind that is not to simpatyze with trump. That's from a perspective in which trump is over putin's head, so hhe's trying to sucking up to the orange baboon, but that's not what's happening!, haven't you remember how trump's reffers to putin and russia? haven't you noticed that? this is a show of putin on who's has the upper hand.

    (sorry my english, second lenguage (first español)


  8. Yes, Comey really needs asylum thank you Putin

  9. If Putin really wanted to create confusion, he should have came out and said if Trump gets indicted, Russia would give him and his administration asylum.

  10. I do love what he said what's the difference between the FBI director and mr. Edward Snowden. By all accounts Russia is treating Edward Snowden pretty good over there. This is trolling 101.

  11. Putin must be speaking in codes to the WH.

  12. This is so, so so fucking BULLSHIT,

  13. Its a threat to Comey and undermining the image of the USA as well.

  14. It's not Comey that need asylum, it's his puppet Donnie.

  15. Tell us more Puty! Tell us more about your distaste for Comey not pledging blind loyalty to Drumpy.

  16. That would be some kind of orange to fall into Putin's turban, wouldn't it? Heh, heh, heh

  17. it's sad to me how much smarter Putin is than Trump. 🙁

  18. It should not go on. Comey did leak to the media. It is illegal.

  19. Putin should probably give Trump asylum

  20. Putin is such a bitchy queen

  21. Putin wants Comey to have accidents

  22. Sure. And if Comey accepts, Putin will do his [email protected]#$h, #45 a favor and "disappear him.

  23. aw that Putin..such a silly guy !   Great sense of humor…

  24. his way of letting us know he's indeed fucking 45

  25. Am I the only person living at South America on here?

  26. Putin grew up in the KGB, he's trolling on a very new level 😛

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