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BREAKING: Putin’s Message to Russian “Sleeper Agents” in the West

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  1. he was talking about secret agent trump…. who followed the SALT plan

  2. Every nation should have a Putin. The World would be a far better place!!

  3. 👏👍🏼❤️🇷🇺❗️

  4. Long life Putin for motherland..

  5. i heard the cia boils russian spies alive in mcdonalds cooking oil and feeds the meat to nyc rats

  6. Lmao sleeper agents crazy to think that was a real thing back in the day. I wonder if they made more agent's for todays time

  7. What's funny is that many Americans love Mr. Putin more than our own politicians.

  8. Now the democrats are really going to lose their lunch, after watching this. Epic trolling by President Putin; truly the most interesting man in the world. LOL

  9. ..well spoken .. chosen one.. REVELATION 21.7..

  10. 5th column in Europe demands a symbol to be forged!

  11. Soon the jeWest will collapse with the Jewnited State of Jewmerica

  12. lol, you guys! omg 😂😆 you cant be serious with this lol😂

  13. That's what spys do folks… SPY!

  14. Awwww he really cares about us Russian social media bots. Thanks boss, you're the greatest.

  15. The man can teach us what the meaning of dedication to motherland & character means (!)

  16. I support Russia because of what it stands for, as well as what it has had to put up with. Putin is a nationalist in an era where globalism has sought to undermine entire nations of people and rob them of their birthright. We in the West must understand that a strong Russia actually helps us. A strong Russia slows down or stops the criminal elite who do not care about us. These elite will stamp on us, before they try to stamp on Russia. We have to realize that Putin is not just supporting Russia, but the very right of nations to be nations. God bless Putin.

  17. Dank u measder presydent Orders shall be carried out!

  18. Much rather have Russian Secret Agents in America than a bunch of Mooslims.

  19. Putin can ride on the wingtips of 2 Mig jets doing the splits WHILE juggling 5 AK 47s … A true G!!!

  20. The time is coming. Sleeping Russians will awake

    Tomorrow morning

  21. I don't trust any of them. Here, there or anywhere else.

  22. 74 active , long live the motherland !

  23. Why is "deep cover" (no official government ID) called "nelegalno" by Russians? Press cover was considered illegal years ago by some nations. I am not sure why deep cover is illegal because it is not in most civilized countries so long as laws are obeyed. Hint to RI. "Sleeper" is something else. Telling sleepers to wake up is calling for starting revolutions. Wishing deep cover well (what Putin did) is a nice message to send to deep cover agents and others. My alarm bells went off reading the title of this video. Then I listened.

  24. Murder and Treason….They both carry the Death Penalty…..

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