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EXCLUSIVE: Telephone Conversation Between Putin and Erdogan on Start of Turkish Stream Gas Pipeline

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Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with President of the Turkish Republic Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The President of Russia was on board a pipe-laying ship that is involved in the construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline.
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  1. Looks like Turkey needs to be liberated.

  2. Russia should send all agents to countries that wish to be free from the Rothschild bank cartel so that they can counter mossad and cia agents

  3. I thought it s a joke …. Now they record phone conversations and air it …. Cool

  4. Erdogan watch yourself George Soros (CIA)is Watching you!

  5. The world is about to change and this is the main reasons why it will. What this guys are doing is to show the public eye there is nothing to hide. It will be hard for those who hide stuff that will go down in the future. and we will all going to see it because they will be hacked by college students and many other groups. i love it i can not wait to see the Future if i am still alive.

  6. Why is YouTube feeding me this Russian propaganda?

  7. Yet another smart move. Erdogan is not so stable in his position, good relations with someone of Putin's format will stabilize his position and he knows it. Maybe he will realize it is better to deal with Putin, who plays tough but not dirty, than his other "allies". Provoking EU impotent leaders was cool as well 🙂

  8. Indeed!. What a great leader Mr Putin is.

  9. Lots of butt hurt Greeks and Armenians in the comments.

  10. people who try to build something good; is time for US to learn something from this.

  11. Looks like US "allies" (vassals) are jumping ship, Erdogan, Duterte, … who is next?

  12. There is more going on, and has gone on between Russia, Turkey and others than we know of. This conversation is surreal given how close Russia and Turkey were then Turkey betrayed Russia and now they are friends again, and then their was the Turkish coup attempt. Its obvious to say a major proxy war is going on but it feels like the fate of the world is in the balance.

  13. this reminds me of those phone conversations people have in language courses

  14. Putman sold Russia's shot down pilot for turkish dough…

  15. conversation? More like a monologue 🙂

  16. show us the whole f*cking conversation
    cut cut cut cut cut 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 nice russian propaganda

  17. Nuclear power will be practically useless by the year 2030. So best of luck to yah

  18. translation: We gotta get together!!! America is gonna blow 💨us out of the Sky's ⛅!!! Why are you reading a restaurant menu as we talk??

  19. Let's get to work guys 👍👍

  20. Владимир, мой друг-
    Заботясь о Бизнесе, как только ВЫ можете … ТАКЖЕ, глядя СООО ОХЛАЖДЕНИЕ, И РУЧНО В ОДНОМ ВРЕМЕНИ! Очень хорошая … хорошая работа, мой Друг …
    -Твой друг, (кто НЕ ПРОПУСТИТ …) Всегда и навсегда,
    Эми Мерфи в Огайо, США.

  21. You were wrong about some things. For one, Russia did not "annex crimea" it took its land back when ukranian government was overthrown by america and was clearly no longer an ally.

  22. The sobs in washington are just propping up the most dangerous thing going on in the middle east is the Islamism in turkey. America backs the Saudis and the Turkey, and now Iran has more incentive than ever to get the bomb. Iran get the bomb and suddenly among that 100billion of weapons, suddenly the saudis wants uranium plug machining tools for nuclear weapons trigers.

  23. Cudo od coveka je ovaj Putin. Koliko on bude potrajao toliko ce svet biti mirniji. Svako dobro zelim RUSSIJI i Gospodinu Putinu!

  24. Mega projects for both partners brings peoples closer build bridges not walls, project like these are welcomed Turkey and Russia are stronger with each other and the west hates that idea Fuck Nato !!!

  25. This was a phone call FROM Putin TO Erdogan, hehe. Hope they work it out together.

  26. The "Boss-Man". If any war breaks out, I'll fight for Russia.

  27. Love russia from Turkey we need leave nato and create russia iran turkey china

  28. As an indian i would advise russia not to get fooled by that Islamist dictator erdogan.Not ti forget they shot down the russian jet without provocation and killed your ambassador

  29. Did you see his face when he hang up the phone…. I bet he was thinking "you wont betray me again bitch"

  30. PUTIN is al business and no bullshit.

  31. Yawn- this is what russians do because they can't swing in jazz yawn

  32. Well done Mr.Putin.
    On another note World is all Politics and control.Even though Turkey shot down a Russian Jet
    it's all gone in the past now as Economy and Politics has taken over.Goes to show one thing in life
    "Human life is cheap,it is secondary to Business and Politics.In fact it's used in Business and Politics".

  33. What Russia dose best is pulls everyone inline through economic and diplomatic solutions where everyone can benefit,Russia's has the upper hand in the middle east and EU because of its affordable natural resources,Turkey,Qatar have now joined hands with Russia Iran Iraq Syria knowing that its the only way they will grow their independence and economy

  34. Wow, well Putin makes moves, Trump makes news being a dumb ass leading America into a losing battle.

  35. wow that roach has grown big!

  36. no mention of erdogans son buying oil from isis?

  37. Isn't it awesome when people capable of killing each other for no reason don't and instead cooperate. Wow it's like, common sense.

  38. That's strange, I thought Turkey was a NATO partner 🤔

  39. Rather trust a pig than erdogan.

  40. Erdogan is an islamo-fascist dictator. This seems staged. All countries have their propaganda.

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