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iCloud iD Remove , Bypass the activation screen for ever

iCloud iD Remove Or : Removing a device from a previous owner’s account , one of the big issues that a lot of idevice owners suffering from.
A lot many users have this problem with iCloud accounts when they have a couple of them across few of their iOS devices (and Macs). In this post, we’re not trying to answer just the question of changing your iCloud account but also how a new iCloud account is added.
If the device has already been erased, but is still linked to the previous owner’s account, you’ll be prompted for the previous owner’s Apple ID and password during the device setup and activation process (shown below).

If the previous owner is with you and can access the device

Ask them to enter their Apple ID and password on the Activate iPhone screen (shown above) to remove the device from their account. You can then proceed through the rest of the device setup process.

If the previous owner is not present

Contact the previous owner and ask them to follow these steps to remove the device from their account:

Sign in to their iCloud account at www.icloud.com/find.
Click All Devices to open a list of devices linked to their account, then select the device to be removed. It should show a gray dot or the word “Offline” next to the device name.
Click “Remove from Account” to remove the device from their account.

After the device is removed from the previous owner’s account, turn the device off by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button located on the top-right side of the device. Then restart your device and proceed with device setup as you would normally.
– This is the official answer from Apple procedure –
this video give the approved process to remove the icloud id from your devices and from apple’s server , and reactivated with your new email id , and bypass the activation screen for ever and not just for one moment , after this process your new icloud id will be approved by apple itself ,,

Some Hackers Can Do This Service For Free By Providing Access To Specific Servers , But You Need To Follow Theme And Wait For 4min Free Access in Random Time ( i Never Try This Method ) , We Keep Searching For a Free Ways Or At Least A Cheapest One , So Stay Tuned .

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