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Narcissist Megyn Kelly’s Ratings On NBC Are A Disaster! From Putin To Alex Jones She Is A Two Faced

Narcissist Megyn Kelly’s Ratings On NBC Are A Disaster! From Putin To Alex Jones She Is A Two-Faced Fraud

self-absorbed, Fox News, I ‘Was Born’ to Be MSM Talent, Shallow, Vladimir Putin, patronizing without being impressive,

“ratings disaster” , Terrible Review



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    HEE HEE.

  2. I don't miss her a little bit on Fox. She got annoying after awhile. If I never see her again it's too soon.

  3. President Putin eat her ass up and she didn't like it

  4. She gets uglier on the outside as she gets uglier on the inside!

  5. I don't think any real man would want to see that cunt on any stripper pole or club. Anyone smart would burn it down before she even got near the stage

  6. It's times such as this that makes me love President Putin. He out classed her right out of the gate.

  7. Taking on Putin and Alex was a arrogant move on her part

  8. This ugly bitch presstitute looks like a man in high heels that is a total fake news agent. Why even watch any garbage this paid, lying, ho puts forth as news?

  9. The whore actually thought that Vladimir would be taken back by her liberal bimbo sexiness! GTFOH! This Dumbass is insulting bimbos everywhere and she's loosing ratings like Hitlery loss votes!!!

  10. You hit the point right on the head! Keep spreading the truth!

  11. I wouldn't say she was born to do it but she was groomed to do it.

  12. Bimbo. Nooooo. She's a dumb cunt period

  13. My you have broad shoulders Megyn!!!

  14. she might make a good pole dancer at a sleazy bar on the south side of shitcago

  15. trannys are nasasistic women haters and used to attack men to divide and conquer satans biggest trick on the body of Christ its really sad we don't have the eyes to see

  16. Nbc should make a new show… Bimbo Barbie/ and lyin  brian williams

  17. her next big news spred will be in pent house magazine spread.

  18. Megyn Kelly is Nicole Brown Simpson. Google and look at pics. They faked her death. This is why OJ has sunglass tans around his eyes in his prison picks after the gun incident. He be on a beach…not in a jail.

  19. GOOD!!!! She can no longer be used as eyecandy. She may be gorgeous (nothing wrong with that); however, she isn't a talented lawyer/journalist. Megan…go do a modeling job. You suck as a reporter!

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