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Putin’s spokesman denies hacking allegations

Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, tells “GMA” that allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election are “slander” and “fake news” and that he’s “quite confident” Putin’s denials of such actions will be proved true.


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  1. Of course, there was no Russian hacking! The only one to blame for Hillary's humiliating defeat is Hillary but she is too stupid, arrogant, and irresponsible to admit it!

  2. obama hacking us election!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. And chauvinism learned by heart the word fake news
    That would be more convenient to go under the tramp like prostitutes kgb

  4. Putin is the son of a bitch kgb nationalist chauvinist fascist
    Which wants all with the help of mass misinformation and with bloody power to totally subordinate this fucking center to Moscow and Petersburg
    I repeat Putin chauvinist bloody bandit
    Father of banditry and his gangsters kgb of Ivanov bortnikov and some big businessmen
    Who sell oil and
    Who are on the left for the right to sell weapons
    Without irony and exaggeration
     If you ask their question about bloody thoughts and acts
    Putin KGB and his entourage KGB calmly and coolly begin to deny their relevance these claims
    Or will start to respond in a smeared manner
    What is the difference between isis and russia
    The difference is that the terrorists take responsibility for the terrorist attacks and so on.
     But chauvinist russia has never

  5. that poll was probably small, and went straight to particular area and worded the question in a particular way. Get outta here with those polls. Polls said Hillary was going to win

  6. Even the statement that only 9% of Us citizens is not against Russia is a fake.

  7. Mmm. Who to believe? The American IC (Intelligence Community) who apparently has the technology to hack any internet under the guise of any other country OR the Russians who are stupid enough to leave fingerprints from a Cyrillic keyboard and an outdated Russian hacking program? What a dilemma!
    PS my name is Danish and NOT Russian.

  8. USA🔗 is slave to⤵ Rothschild family 👹 💵 💀. … RUSSIA🌷🌷🌷 is not⤴💪☝……. England 👹to France👹 to Germany👹 to#3 war will decide☝⤴ RUSSIA IS THE WINNER AGAIN SATAN……. 👹 💀 👹 family off countries

  9. Trump and Putin for Peace Nobel Price.

  10. I’m from Russia, I’m for a normal democracy society and economic development, I’m for normal relations with other countries. Therefore, I’m against Putin. And Putin’s high rating in Russia (86%) is an absolute fake.

  11. Does
    anybody beleive that guy is telling the truth?


  13. Look at his eyes.  That's a white Russian devil.  Caucasian devil like Trump.

  14. Who gives two shit's if Russia hacked AmeriKKKa's election fuck ameriKKKa, ABC, MSNC, CBS all own by general Electrics

  15. "If they want war, then we shall give it to them"

  16. Do a lie detecting test on his ass.

  17. press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, You are 100% correct.

  18. America doesn't care, they will continue pushing for a larger cold war until Russia kicks their ass in Europe.

  19. Peskov is a BOSS. Not THE boss… The Boss is Putin. Great interview

  20. And yet Russian intel agents keep disappearing and having tragic accidents.

  21. Putin is crying I am sorry Mr. Garrison, I won't hack you again, hahaha

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