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  1. "Obama did not do anything about it", why the reporters accept this false premise as a fact. Just because President Obama did not make it public, it does not mean he did not do anything about. Did reporters not think that Obama may not wanted to show the Russians that the American intelligence knows because that may either compromise the intelligence sources or make Russia go deeper in disguise where they could not be tracked. There is an advantage of not telling your enemy that you are watching them and you know what they are after. Besides didn't Obama put sanctions on Russia, sounds like he did something. Why it took few months, that is normal. A) Did not want to compromise intelligence sources. B) Did not want Russia to disappear from the radar screen. C) wanted to understand more about their involvement D) wanted to have more evidence before pursuing sanctions to avoid international crisis e) wanted to know more about American collusions with Russian without tipping anybody….etc. Guys you got to do better job than accepting the tweet that Obama did not do anything about it.

  2. Trump has done even less than nothing. He knew about Putin's order at least since inauguration day and continued to praise him over Americans. Trump is a traitor.

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