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Clear iCloud Lock with App Switcher on iOS 11!

In iOS 11, you can access the app switcher from an iCloud Locked device! Fully works on iOS 11 beta 1.

Visit appletech752.com/downloads.html to download a FREE iOS 11 beta 1 IPSW and much more!!

Majestic Inuh originally discovered this glitch. Be sure to check out his channel:


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  1. Hmm on an iPhone 6, with 11 beta 1, it will say, waiting for activation, when starting Facetime, when it´s aware its locked, if fully restored, again, without network, and wifi, it shows a sign-in page, but will give the error unable to sign-in even when connecting it to wifi, or with a sim, as soon as the phone contacts apple, and Facetime has been refreshed or closed it will give same error waiting for activation 🙂

  2. His camera worked when you went the photo was? To put in contact profile

  3. How can download this Ipsw? Please tell me

  4. Did you try it on beta 1 or 2? Because I'm on beta 2 but it's not working:(

  5. Beta 2 don't work and in FaceTime get waiting for activation

  6. I get "Waiting for activation" when I'm in facetime ):

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