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How Did Russia Becomes Putin’s Russia?

–Classic Interview: Bill Bowring, Professor of Law at the Birkbeck University of London and author of “Law, Rights and Ideology in Russia,” joins David to discuss Russia’s history and how it has led to socially conservative politics and the modern Vladimir Putin era

–On the Bonus Show: Benefits to a universal basic income, Kentucky coal mining museum converts to solar power, lead detected in 20% of baby food samples, and much more…

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Broadcast on June 23, 2017


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  1. Funny Note*

    Putin is one of the diminutive Spanish words for Whore 😂….. (Putin, Putita)

    Putin made his Russias' Putin 😂 😂 😂

  2. They welcomed a mob state pseudo Christian white nationalist ideology.

  3. Please watch the video on YouTube that show's how He got where he is today. Russia's government was being sued for overseas bank account's which was laundered money. Then the prosecutor was filled having sex with two KGB hookers by Putin. He the KGB had six hotel's 450 hotel rooms bugged sound as well tape.
    Once released by Putin he then became the power Con, lying, disgrace of a human being. Trump is broke Russia owns him their family.

  4. Wow, 2 Russias in one headline – that's impressive even for you.

  5. let's go back to the 16th century! this is why intellectuals have just about no impact on contemporary politics.

  6. 2014 david hair was fucking wild!

  7. Professor Bowring what a wonderful interview! I am delighted to see this classic! Thanks! I love people who explain history well!

  8. Putin was the prime minister under Yeltsin in 1999. He took over after his mentor was forced to leave office more or less in shame. 40% of all Russians were living in massive poverty and the Russia was refused to a third world nation. Vladimir Putin had one goal: To restore the might of Russia and he succeeded in this. However under all his nationalism and neoczarism, Russia is still a very unequal society, with millions living off very low wages. The Russian state has regained its strength, but the social security of the USSR has not been restored. This is why elderly people are still living in poverty or rely on family support, because pensions are very low in Putin's Empire!

  9. If anyone has any interest on Russian politics or just what Russia is like in general I highly recommend the book Nothing is True and Everything is Possible.

  10. Gorbachev being a weak traitor to the USSR forced capitalism onto the russian people corrupted its govt

  11. I respect the hell out of David Packman.

  12. Russia has no loyalty to ideologies, they just want a strong leader, that's why they are fascist now😪

  13. By putting his name in front of it.

  14. Most corrupt yet cunning man on the planet

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