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I Don’t Forget Cheaters! – Putin About Attempts to Cheat On Him

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  1. Cui Bono? Who benefits from this action or outcome that you are trying to make happen.

  2. What a TRULY GREAT MAN Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is. He has a soul of profound integrity.

  3. Молодец! Вот как отвечает взрослый человек.

  4. Cheating is a very Broad Term, What cheating is he refferring to?
    Cheating at a Card Game?
    Cheating at charades? Cheating in a Marriage? Cheating on Taxes?
    Cheating on Trade?Whats the Context?

  5. Many people must be cheaters in Putin's eyes!

  6. The most fearsome weapon of current Russia is straight politics. US owned countries cant afford such luxury.

  7. Funny thing is if you look at Punkbuster's ban lists for online PC gamers caught cheating, half of the cheaters are Russians 😛

  8. would u make a video on Russia and its allies

  9. i dont speak fuckin russian you moron video you tube channel

  10. What cheating? I didnt get it. Something personal or in Russian internal politics?

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