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Trump, Putin & Chabad-Lubavitch Supremacist Network Exposed – Chris Dorsey

Chris Dorsey, an Economist, Independent Journalist, Political Correspondent and Activist, Commander of the Virginia & Maryland Militia, exposes the Bilderberg Group, The Bank for International Settlements, Basel III, SWIFT system, Dual Israeli citizens, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, Mossad/CIA, GRU, Vladimir Putin, Russian Oligarchs/Jewish Mafia, Chabad Lubavitch, Child Rape Rings, Sexual Blackmails, Organ Trafficking, Blood Diamonds, Jewish Criminal Network, International Banking Cartel, Israelification of America, Asymmetric Warfare, Balkanization, Greater Israel Project, Chabad Lubavitch cult and more.

Are there any Trump links to Putin? What brings Trump and Putin together? The connection that brings them together is not the Russian government, it’s the Russian Jewish organised crime network, which is headed by the Chabad Lubavitch.

10:38 – German TV News host interviews commander of the Virginia & Maryland Militia Chris Dorsey at the 2017 Bilderberg Conference in Chantilly Virginia. Dorsey exposes the Treason and other high crimes carried out by the Jewish Mob pulling the strings of world government.

32:16 – American Free Press Reporter Mark Anderson interviews Virginia Militia Commander & economist Chris Dorsey. Mark Anderson one of the foremost investigative reporters on the Bilderberg group asks hard-hitting questions of Dorsey regarding the Constitution, BiderbergTreason, International Banking, The Jewish Mob & more.

40:56 – Luke Rudkowski shows all the signs of a compulsive liar while questioned during Bilderberg Conference. Chris Dorsey of the Virginia and Maryland Militia expose Luke Rudkowski and all of his associates as controlled opposition agents who cover up for the crimes of Israel, organised Jewry, Donald Trump, The Government and all those who control world Government.

Please support and subscribe to Chris Dorsey: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzQlJOP_mtGKNgmDB_jBKSg


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