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What is the secret of Putin’s appeal, explained

The Russian president Vladimir Putin enjoys approval ratings Western leaders can only dream of, even as they dismiss him as an isolationist and authoritarian leader. What is the secret of Putin’s appeal?

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  1. That felt a bit like it was peddling a subtle manipulative brexit message

  2. Probably because he took Russia were it is today, from that chaotic disaster that it was. Or maybe because they are not a Vassal state of the US like we are? Our media is so painfully bias and filled with anti russia / china propaganda? Or maybe because Russia wasnt involved in the 2 illegal wars (libya & iraq) which lead to the growth of ISIS and the largest refugee crisis in Europe.

    I would be good if we could get the US's cock out our mouths and get our politicians to start putting our interests first. Right now our Govn is supporting and arming terrorists groups in Syria. Looks like we haven't learnt from removing secular leaders just yet. We sell arms to Saudi who bomb the living daylight out of civilians in yemen.

  3. Stupid question- simply look at current Russia, and Russia before Putin.

  4. Bravo Russland .. Amerikaner sollen ihre Mcdonalds fressen und in der Gottlosigkeit zum Teufel gehen .. Alle US Präsidenten wie auch der Noam Chomsky sagt – sind Kriegsverbrecher .. Und Putin ist Patriot und hat kein Krieg angefangen ..

  5. Probably his raging homophobia and scapegoating of gays. Providing an enemy for the ignorant masses to hate on is always a good way to keep them on your side. Keep people in social decline, and then blame the situation on your political and idealogical enemies. Also, arrest anyone who speaks out against you. Better yet, just have them silenced. If all that matters to you is having a "strong" leader, instead of a working society, then Putin is your man.

  6. After years of Communism what do you expect?

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