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Conversation: Understanding Putin’s Logic

Stratfor analysts Robert D. Kaplan and Lauren Goodrich discuss the Russian president’s strategy for Russia and the region.
For more analysis, visit: http://www.Stratfor.com


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  1. what a rubbish analysis. It just like saying what make Putin ticked is because his name: Put In

  2. Man more people need to watch stuff like this instead of politicians twisting everything

  3. This is the way America fights in War / This war is being waged by cutting-edge warfare-techniques such as complex
    financial fraud and embezzlement in the magnitude of monetary trillions. The fraud that is too big to fathom by most of us, is covered up by false pretenses, media-smokescreen, false flags, pseudo-blackmails, victim-blaming
    narratives and spectacular “debates” to imitate a pluralism-based “democracy” both on federal EU- and national-levels.

  4. A country with a strong leader have weak institutions and hence unstable.

  5. The world will be better in the day when the United States will disappear from the Earth.

  6. that nose tells me you are a Jew . too much stuff coming out on you tube, tah we cannot comment on because comments turned off .

  7. Absolutely out of date, Russian People can be as Cosmopolitan as any advanced society, with a population more informed than the majority of college educated Americans.They are at present under extreme pressure from western democracies based on ideologies of the mid 1950.

  8. intro and conclusion are B.S. but the video overall was interesting

  9. Overthrowing the government of Ukraine in early 2014 was just another move of the US to contain Russia. Did anybody really think any Russian president , Putin or no Putin, would not react at this blatant (covert) aggression ? US leadership obviously has gone insane.

  10. a woman thinks she knows something, down vote and move on.

  11. Should have restated Lauren Goodrich's name at the end – bad form not doing that. Otherwise a very good video, thank you.

  12. Kaplan is cool, but fuck Stratfor and that scheming dwarf Friedmann.
    This very organisation is a threat to world peace.

  13. The only problem US has is that the world is full of non-american people… yet

  14. putin is a real leader! But he should cut off the internet so we can play cs go in peace …

  15. What the fuck is wrong with americans… they all think they know all there is to know but infact they are some of the dumbest people in the western world

    all i heard these 3 minutes into the video is these two shit for brains retards saying Putin is a barbarian with avoiding saying it directly

  16. we had a dictator similar to putin in my country, but without the corruption putin his involved and putin also uses the mob to do its dirty jobs as killing opponents, in my country Salazar the dictator used the secret police, but the mind set is o a nathionalistic fervor and protecting something that is invisible like a peoples soul and their history, fact is putin cant solve nor respond to the problems and questions such a system and country suffers like the isolationism and further down the line confrontation and economic stagnation, for example putin tried to put in Russian hands state hands all major industries and resources, taking by force robbing oreign investors Russia had invited before, Russians don't understand why capital runs away rom Russia or dosent come at all, answer is putin, in a country where oe man decides the law l don't feel safe putting money there. even whole multinathionals where expelled from Russia, putin also associates lots companies and foreign entities to sorta of invading forces, point is he wants Russia to be part of the world isolated, he likes to invest safely in Europe or elsewhere but dosent grant same rights to others in Russia, this kind of scheming to get ahead brought us to present situation where western compaies are leaving Russia and Russian companies are drying up, then putin realized one answer for this problem was attacking the source of the problem, the dollar oil power the usa has, if putin can make the ruble with russias oil gas a currency interesting for the world then the problem f money drying up would be over, and this was when putin fucked up because the dollar is the centre of western usa hegemony, without the dollar the usa is just one big bankrupt country that runs 1 trillion dollars deficits, and this is where we stand now, usa attacked Russia doing the same they did in 85 86 to kill soviet union they with Saudis thanked the price of oil as a reminder to putin to back fuck off, since then putin is running around like a insane headless chicken going from country to country trying to create all sorts of deals and connections to keep economy afloat, funny thing is that oil rebounded witch means power of the usa is really waning off

  17. Putin wants the strength and power size respect of soviet union but he knows its Achilles heel was the economy so we wont go there with collectivism but he will on centralized power witch he has been doing even crushing democratic process, controlling all media in Russia and specially economy and specially gas oil industry's because those are life line and way to make Russia matter inside Europe and east… putin also wanted to use them as political weapons witch failed in Ukraine and worked in bela Russia he wants a strong Russia controlling countries around as buffer states that's why he moved so fast to secure a eu kind of union with them so to take them out o eu sphere, putin also sees a war with usa n eu as probable because o the economic collapse coming, and hes gearing up or that im sure nuke silos and nuclear subs have been increased, as well as gold hoarding signals of coming war

  18. How does she think "Putin" has isolated Russians from Western thinking in social media?  I'm in contact with many people via social media, without being in any way impeded.

  19. Putin just wannabe tyrant with are of partial economic democracy system and limited freedom. With gripe in total affairs of Russia with out mercy of his one opposition in Russia. Being his cheerleader don't help, I there

  20. Good Putin Rules Russia. America is 17 trillion dollars in debt not Russia.

  21. Putin very logical and shrewd politician. USA paranoid about Russia.  Most Americans agree with Putin.  Greece is the first domino of collapsing the puerile sanctions against Russia. Russia expected to rise in next decade.

  22. Putler has no logic, it's that simple.
    He is just a common thug, taking advantage of his own russian people, whom he treats as slaves.
    Russian people (slaves) will do anything what putler wishes them to do and if they don't like it, russians will be sent into gulags, to siberia, same as what's happening in North Korea.

  23. This 'Pootin' guy sounds dangerous, I hope Vladamir Putin does turn out like him.

  24. Fuck this guy. I dont want any more war in Europe. This continent has bled enough. We are so close uniting the whole continent with th EU which numbers 27 states already and now Putin want to fuck this up. This is the cold war all over again. I suggest Russia and USA move to another planet and solve their differences so the world doesnt have to tolerate them anymore. Fucking savages.

  25. like they give a fuck what some private BS firms thinks about them…LOL

  26. maybe he should have just close the gas lines and let Ukraine and EU freeze. huh?

  27. If Kaplan knew anything about history he wouldn't bring up Hitler and Napoleon as an example of how Russia is an "insecure land power", both these conflicts shows exactly the opposite, also the swedes took the same heavy damage from the winter cold and Russian scorned earth strategy.. there's also plenty of natural borders ( the complete north/east border is sea, south is desert area, there's mountains and rivers in the west, what the ** was he talking about?????)

  28. Who are these guys?

    This is a rhetorical diatribe at best. Russia was invaded too many times at the cost of so many millions of its inhabitants. In view of this, can we blame Vladimir to favor some sort of a friendly "buffer zone" that would help him, even so slightly, to repulse another foolhardy adventurer the likes of Napoleon, Hitler or the grandsons of Genghis Khan?

    Lets not fool ourselves, the US has the most impregnable "buffer zone" the world has even seen. Go ask Fidel Castro, go ask any ruler of any country from the North to the South Pole of the American continent, go ask them if they don't feel the pinch of the US. Does anyone have any doubt the US "buffer zone" doesn't extend deep into the South-Eastern Asian countries as well?

    As for the social, cultural and economic "semi-isolation" of Putin's Russia, I can only say it certainly paid off. Economically speaking, George W. Bush already stated a few years back at a press conference that he envied Putin's Russia for being a debt-free country. Moreover, their monetary reserves are estimated at 200 trillions US dollars. 

    On the cultural front, Putin's Russia remains fearful of the western lifestyle and prefers defending the culture of the motherland. Now, are we going to blame New-Yorkers for being New-Yorkers?

    Why blaming Putin for "diversifying his economy and markets"? Any economist will tell you it only makes good sense. Any country leader thinking otherwise should consider promptly retiring.

    Why qualifying Vladimir Putin as an "adversary" of the West when he keeps referring to the Americans and Europeans as "partners"? Have we forgotten our good manners to keep at least a semblance of civility?  


  29. russia is being ringed by the usa/nato since the day the soviet union fell i do not support some policies of putin but i do understand why he does what he does.

  30. the thing is most of usa and Europe think about Russia from western perspective, but if you will think for a minute and put your self in Russian side , all the things Putin does will make perfect sense, WE MUST REMEMBER EVERY COUNTRY IS THINKING ONLY ABOUT HIS OWN GOODNESS. PERIOD.

  31. lol, western opinions… what's next? Russian WMD's in Slovakia?

  32. I laugh at the observations these people give Russians. Russians want simple things in life. They are not cut off socially. They live with Facebook and G+ like you and us. We impose sanctions because Russia is threatening the lavish life most westerners have. US has the worst health system but the most wealthy people in condensed areas. If you two would actually travel to Russia or befriend an actual Russian you will find they are God-fearing and pray for their leaders. US presidents have done far more shady work by comparison. A doktor in Moscow does not even make enough per hour to pay for a gallon of gas. Know why? America hedges everything to get the best deals because we are fat and consume much more than we produce. Us Americans are fat, lazy, non-producing welfare fools by comparison. LEACHERS…. and we live longer on average. Lower middle class have access to medicines which the rich have mostly paid for. The doctors in the US are serious crooks. (not all) In Moscow they don't try and rip off citizens with prescription medications. America will be torn apart slowly over the next 50 years. You both should do your homework more. Take it from someone who actually knows a Russian person. Such a humble culture that deserves so much more than they have. I praise Putin for the job he does. Most Russians do not mind the idealistic thinking of United Soviet Socialist Republic thinking. I can't wait to go back I will continue to spend my dollars to an economy who actually deserves it. 

  33. Putin's wife divorced him. He's having an emotional/nevous breakdown. He feels he needs to protect himself. There are no threats to Russia at the moment. The west has no interest in Russia. The only threat to Russia is Russia ie: the Russian government. Russia is eastern Europe's greatest threat. They've been isolated for so long the world feels too big for them. Sadly what the eastern people don't understand is every time this happens so does a 'dark age' for them.

  34. Clever man. I don't necessarily think that any system which requires annexing land is right but this is quite clever.

  35. I like this girl. She is awesome. Her view is very acute and knowledge based, rather than emotional

  36. At the very, very least you have to be Russia to understand a Russian. Your western mentality does not have enough convolutions to understand Russia.

    Insecure? The size of Russia is itself a natural 'boarder' defending Russia. the lack of extensive infrastructure also. Its a fact the NATO armies like to travel of highways and like to have air supremacy. Something that they won't have in Russia.

    What has Putin done in Ukraine? Or particularly in the Crimea? Prevented the systematic displacement and murder of the Ukrainian Federalists?

    What's wrong with desiring to have stability in bordering countries? Are you people still thinking in terms of medival geopolitics? You're looking too much into this 'Buffer State' concept. However your parallels with Ivan the Terrible (Rurik), Peter the Great, and Stalin are accurate; although i believe you have come to this conclusion based more on intuition rather than understanding.

    What makes Putin cruel?

    1) Instead of 'rebuilding' i would use the terms salvaging and mobilizing resources.
    2) Instead of projecting power i would use the term establishing diplomatic relations; as Rurik had in his time. Cooperating with ones neighbors is a means of establishing collective security, which is good for both civil and business society.
    3) What do you mean the rest of the world is reacting? They are reacting to the public-relation campaign that's directed against Russia and Putin in particular. Also, there's very few independent nation states, so they don't count to begin with, because clearly they are going to fall in like with the US due to financial blackmail and the treat of violence by the US. In recent history, Russians have never been more consolidated than they are now. I'm sorry, but you're STUPID for using the term isolate. Rather Putin is protecting Russia from being manipulated by financial, ideological (Russians being isolated from the internet? your stupidity makes me want to cry. Russians are so integrated in the internet and the global community, that its impossible, its not North Korea!!! FFS!). Do you really think Russians are stupid? It's insulting! What does 'classic semi isolation' even mean? 'Keep the population in line' what's with the Cold War era rhetoric? Russia is being defensive, not isolationist.

    You get a D- for you analysis.

    Perhaps if you 'analysts' framed Russia and Putin and a partner and not an adversary and enemy, trying to turn Russia into a colony, the Western world wouldn't be in such a pathetic state of decay. It's nice that you all have jobs, but your analysis is worthless. Rather it an example of 'academic' public-relations; which makes it a manipulation.

    It has become clear that the lack of genuine understanding in the west of what Russia culture is about; and in that light the majority of the analysis that's provided to the people who make policies and decisions on the bases of those analysis, is what's directing the world to a catastrophe.

  37. Putin refused to be a slave of the west! Russia is so much better place to live now ! Those people don't know what they talking about!

  38. The West talking about human rights…lol.. Putin is a master mind of our time… he took a wasted empire that was on its knees and slowly he rising it again… let's see what he can do…I think that even his enemies admire him… none in the west holds so much power like him…

  39. good luck with analysts as insightful as Kaplan and Goodrich

  40. What i see here is a Russia trying to behave like the old strong USSR. Sure Russia is a strong country but is it so strong to act like a world's superpower? The answer is no and they know it. The ruussian's biggest player is energy and they use it at its' full potential.With energy they can blackmail Europe under the table. On the other hand i find it pretty provocative from the west to try establish nato puppet states at Russia's door. Both sides have to re-approach each other from the beginning. 

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