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Higurashi When They Cry – Part 61 (Chapter 2 END) – “SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!”


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  1. This was amazing. I wonder why Rena didn't go crazy this time around. I will defenitely watch the rest after I'm done with Chapter 3~

  2. i extremely love how keiichi thought he was seeing things at the end.

  3. This is known as a question arc. Answer arcs are the opposite. You should see one next chapter.

  4. Higurashi When They Cry when chapter 3?

  5. 41:48 They are connected – yes you will get the answers on how they are connected and what exactly is going on, – who killed/is killing Takano, Tomitake; why people go crazy; what is in that syringe; why is the time of deaths doesn''t match etc – trust me, everything Will make sense by the chapter 8

  6. Whaaat, you believe in demons, Galatic? c;
    Come on, those things don't exist.. haha XD

    And yeah like others said, absolutely everything is answered.

  7. You'll start getting answers in Higurashi Kai (Chapters 5-8)

  8. 1 hour before finishing chapter 2
    "Hey this chapter was quite easy to understand compared to the first one"

    then NOPE you thought you understood the chapter? take this

    I'm glad you remembered the syringe from episode 1, It's hard but I hope you remember some of the details of this chapter latter on, it's totally worth it.

  9. The first four chapters are question arcs
    The last four chapters are answer arcs
    At the end, all questions shall be answered

  10. You'll get answers later on, starting with episode 5 mostly

  11. umineko is set some time after higurashi, so they cant bring up anything about it here. of course though, some elements you see here may remind you of certain things in umineko and you could use to solve the mysteries.

  12. man you really have guess almost everything this chapter just minutes before it happens.

  13. Everything will be answered in the future chapters.

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