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iPhone 4 iCloud Bypass June 2017

This is just the first part of my series of videos.
It only tells you how to bypass an icloud locked iphone 4.
Then video of jailbreaking are preventing unlock are coming soon.

What happens after this is here in this video

This link the part 2 of icloud bypass series of videos!

Here are the files needed…


This is a complete tutorial. If you guys have any queries, feel free to ask in the comments!
If you have any suggestions or requests for making new videos please tell me.
I will make the requested videos with 1 or 2 days of request.
Watch and Subscribe for more of such amazing videos!
You are amazing!


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  1. i can't find the ssh.jar
    T_T i some rar files of ssh

  2. link doesn't work …. another download link plz

  3. when running ssh.jar it says INT FAILED ! help please

  4. good job thx , and how to fix no service …

  5. It Worked For Me But U Said That U R Using Itunes Older For Research Purposes But For Using SSH We Need Itunes Older Version I Used version 11.4 Thanks Mate

  6. I seem to be having issues getting this to work on my iPhone 4 3.3. I've tried using the files in both the GSM folder and the CDMA-GSM folder seperately and I don't get the ability to hit next on the wifi screen it makes me logon to one in order to continue as if I never applied the bypass. Which of course makes it so I can't activate it.

  7. Thank you very much succeeded in overcoming i clod You are a genius.

  8. Mate this is great … thanks … followed this easily (I think) as it's worked and I have cleared the iCloud and can go to the main screen, with icons and can navigate fine … BUT …

    When the phone is plugged into the PC and after about 1 minute or so it shuts itself off … if I hit the power button it starts up again … and I can play with the phone as normal … if I unplug the phone and let it goto sleep or put it to sleep it doesn't seem to want to power down … iTunes sees it and it charges fine via PC … no SIM installed …

    Now I did get a reboot loop before I done this hack but I thought that was part of the iCloud lock? … or do I have to do something else? … or is this a different thing/fault? …

    thanks for this hack …

  9. I tried two times and worked for me the second time. My bad, I must've gone wrong somewhere.

  10. Yesssss!!! It worked for me! Thanks Techo World!!
    I waiting for your other videos to come!!
    Please upload jailbreak tutorial for this! (Y) THANKS A MILLION TIMES

  11. Hey, Can I unlock iphone 3,2 GSM 2012 or iphone 3,3 CDMA with this tutorial?

  12. Oh my goodness!! This thing really works!
    I bypassed my iphone 3,1 ( GSM) with this method. Thanks alot!!

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