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New scandal? Vladimir Putin’s Russia Today against Royal family of the United Kingdom?

Hello world!

First, I want to tell you, that a text script of my speach you can see down in video description.

Today I was recording for georgian Youtubers a video explaining how to increase youtube likes and subscraber amount with help of youtube exchanger websites and I think I found something scandalous. Scandalus because I think official world media such es Russia TV should not buy fake youtube likes to change peoples opinion. A link of my full video in georgian language you can see down in my description (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naM02MCBbIM) but now let’s see a cut of the video with english subtitles.

The link of Russia Today’s video, wich was advertised on youtube exchanger website you can see down in description (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx6mTakGbfA).

Relating to video content, theoretically there could be many possibilities who wanted to get likes on this RT video. Most common of them could be:

1) Putin’s propaganda machine RT itself (you can hear and see almost in every russian news anti west and anti Europe interpretations).
2) Putin’s RT itself through Youtube likes exchanger providers (who sell youtube likes on their webpages or on ebay).
3) someone else who was somehow interested to show that UK Palace is bad.

My personal opinion:

Putin’s media companies (all national russian-speaking TVs for example) including RT are ordered to discriminate (brainwashing) EU, Europe and all west. They always tell russian people that west is going to die and only Russia under Putin’s regime is on the right way. For this they sadly oft use their homophoby. Putin probebly pays a lot of money in anti-west campagne. RT probably gets a lot of money from Putin to tell all bad about west. Anti-west videos of RT (russian-speaking TV channels as well) need more likes then dislikes to make an opinion ”bad EU, good Russia”– that’s why I think RT (and other russian TVs as well) has an additional employees who care about getting likes on every their anti-west (and pro-Putin) videos. I also think they are buying youtube dislikes in the same way for videos that are anti-Putin (for example videos from youtube users who criticise Putin’s regime because of their corruption).

This was just my opinion and I am pretty sure my opinion is very near to the truth. One reason that I can be sure in my opinion is, that the user at youtube exchanger website, who paied 9 points for one like is not a regular user but a premium user. Look at this screenshot from my video. Did you notise, that first one, which I clicked in video was darker then others? Now look at the screenshot from the website. It means, this one is made by premium user. To get premium privileges you have to pay extra points. So if someone was not highely interessted in youtube-likes on their video, noone would pay extra points to get premium status. But anyway I do not tell my thoughts could be 100% right.


(My video was made today, 27.06.2017 . RT-
video advertiser was accidentally captured today as well.)

I was already ready with making this video as I just searched in google news (including news.google.ru) Elizabeth II (Елизавета II) and very interesting, that exactly today in russian media (but not only in russian!) is a lot of news about Royal Costs in news-topics. So, now I am 99% sure, that exactly Russian TV bought fake Youtube-Likes to somehow get more likes at their 3-years old Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx6mTakGbfA about about ”how much does Royal family cost” probably to make this video up in youtube search results 🙂

Here are two screenshots.

Have a nice day,


This is what I add here after uploading: As I now found, Putin have sad that Queen is not a human but reptilian. I think this is one more proof why Russian TV need many Likes on videos that are anti Royal family. 😀


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