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Panetta: Putin took advantage of perceived US weakness

Former defense secretary and CIA director comments on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election; national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon


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  1. Mr. panetta, Sir. please try and Enjoy your retirement. The American people have been fully informed of our short comings when it comes to President Putin, you are not half the world leader he is. so before you cast stones or something more desirable. The people you represented..I'm sure wish you well.

  2. Putin has to deal with batshit crazy Murica. How that benefits him?
    We all in Russia want peace and stability in the world. Unfortunately this is impossible until your Empire of pure Evil exists. I don’t think you are able to change by yourself. You should be disassembled by normal countries. Like Hitler’s Germany was.

  3. I just wanted to say shout out to Project Veritas for proving this Russian narrative is fake news

  4. thay fat bastard is hiding something i can see it in his posture. it's another false flag

  5. Enough of this anti Putin//White cuckoldry. WE all know that you are just blaming them because they are white and christian. How about speaking of muzzie terrorism for once

  6. King Obama, enemy of the state!!!!

  7. "perceived US weakness" = The Obama Administration.

  8. WRONG! !! The democrats took advantage of the American people Hillary Clinton and poedesta have made fools of everyone with this Russia naritive. Now it has been picked up by the MSM and Rhino republicans as fact. Even the 17 agencies have shown no one evidence, If it exist then show it to president Trump. Or just keep up with the vauge speculation.

  9. Has everyone forgotten about president Obama interfering in Israel's elections in an attempt to get Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defeated? Has everyone forgotten how president Obama tried to influence the BREXIT vote?

  10. Jewish propaganda is very normal only if someone else do something big ayway
    What Jews been doing to our President Trump oh all ok

  11. Now you have picture Obama brother traitor skunk mother fucker
    Betrayed American peoples communist dog let him Clinton fuck his dirty smelly ass

  12. Putin is angry that the USA supported the Russian opposition groups during their 2012 election.

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