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Putin caught in heavy rain during ceremony marking start of Great Patriotic War

Putin caught in heavy rain during ceremony marking start of Great Patriotic War



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  1. They are flags of russian military force: naval fleet, air force, etc.

  2. Putin served in Germany during the chaos of the Gorbachev and the collapse of the USSR. Many Russian military families served in East Germany.

  3. I hear from the citizens of the United States the same mantra! "Putin is
    a killer"…….Putin killed Someone? What kind of journalist?! This
    is another nonsense from Soros! Moreover. American and British
    intelligence agencies occasionally kill journalists and provocateurs,
    they will fulfill their and become dangerous witnesses. "Killer Putin" –
    this is the most cheap and stupid mantra from Western intelligence
    agencies and the Soros Foundation, which seized the minds of the not too
    literate electorate! Tell us WHO WAS KILLED BY PUTIN? ! ????? … AT
    FUCK GOING ON HERE?! Pissed me off when American journalist said this,
    talked with Trump! This is not just another unsubstantiated nonsense
    from Russophobes on the people behind this obvinenija long time it is
    time to sue! The only question is"who are the judges?"…….The problem
    is this! The international court of justice preside over all those same
    friends of Soros…… or those who are afraid of being killed or
    accidentally be hit by a car. as informants Vicki Licks for
    example……. or as British intelligence agencies poisoned Litvinenko
    or the fluent oligarch, a thief and a provocateur Berezovsky, which is
    used Zapadnye Russophobes in their provocations. I was really tired of
    this mantra about "killer Putin" ….. For some reason, no one in the
    U.S. and the West does not like to remember that grandpa Bush financed
    Hitler and the 3 Reich and incited them to Russia! And it is
    declassified by the States! Why no one talking about the killings of
    civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, support of the Taliban by U.S.
    authorities. about the creation of al Qaeda, that it turned into ISIS?
    That the U.S. illegally are territorii Syria and bomb Assad
    objectionable with the civilian population and help out the terrorists?
    Why USA bombed Yugoslavia, and separated Kosovo from Serbia, which are
    irrelevant, in contrast to Russia to the Russian Crimea? Why the United
    States has made in recent years about 50 color revolutions but rather
    coups? Why is the whole world silent about this?…Why no one bastard in
    the United States not talking about it?? I'll tell you why! Because the
    barbarians of Western intelligence agencies and the Bilderbergers such
    as Soros and Bush rule the world, and they shut everyone's mouth in the
    West by different means and they feel unpunished! And about how
    democracy in the U.S. and the West can the same speech go!?????

  4. The exploits of the United States! (beginning):

    1622 – an attack on Indians in Jamestown.
    1635-1636 – war with the Indians allocine in New England.
    1675-1676 – war with the Indians, ending the destruction of almost half
    of the cities in Massachusetts.
    1792 – war of the seizure of Kentucky.
    1796 – war of the seizure of Tennessee.
    1797-1800 – pirate attacks on civilian ships of France.
    1800 – slave revolt led by Gabriel Prosser in Virginia. About a thousand
    people were hanged, including Prosser himself. Slaves themselves did
    not kill a single person.
    1803 – war of the seizure of Ohio.
    1803 – war of the seizure of Louisiana.
    1805-1815 – war in Africa over the Manager of the United States to
    distribute the drugs in the world.
    1806 – American invasion attempt in the Rio Grande (then – Spanish
    1810 – the invasion of Spanish West Florida.
    1812-1814 – the war with England, the invasion of Canada.
    1812 – occupation of the West Spanish.
    1813 – capture of Spanish Bay mobile, occupation Markizskie Islands.
    1814 – the Spanish occupation of Pensacola.
    1816 – attack on Fort Nichols in Spanish Florida.
    1817-1819 – the occupation of East Florida.
    1824 – the invasion of Puerto Rican city of Fajardo.
    1824 – the landing of American troops in Cuba.
    1833 – the invasion of Argentina.
    1835 – the Mexican takeover of Texas.
    1835 – invasion of Peru.
    1840 – invasion of Fiji.
    1841 – the genocide on the island of Upolu (Drummond).
    1843 – the invasion of China.
    1846-1848 – war with Mexico.
    1846 – aggression against New Granada (Colombia).
    1849 – the shelling of Indochina.
    1852 – the invasion of Argentina.
    1853-1856 – the invasion of China.
    1853 – the invasion of Argentina and Nicaragua.
    1854 – the destruction of the Nicaraguan town of San Juan del Norte.
    1854 – attempt to capture the Hawaiian Islands.
    1855 – invasion and revolution in Nicaragua.
    1855 – invasion in Fiji and Uruguay.
    1856 – the invasion of Panama.
    1858 – intervention in Fiji, genocide.
    1858 – the invasion of Uruguay.
    1859 – the Japanese attack on the Fort of Taku.
    1859 – the invasion of Angola.
    1860 – the invasion of Panama.
    1863 – a punitive expedition in Shimonoseki (Japan).
    1864 – military expedition to Japan.
    1865 – the invasion of Paraguay, genocide, 85% of the population
    1865 – intervention Panama, a coup.
    1866 – the attack on Mexico.
    1866 – a punitive expedition to China.
    1867 – the attack on midway island.
    1868 – multiple invasion of Japan.
    1868 – the invasion of Uruguay and Colombia.
    1874 – the introduction of troops in China and Hawaii.
    1876 – the invasion of Mexico.
    1878 – the attack on Samoa.
    1882 – the invasion of Egypt.
    1888 – the attack on Korea.
    1889 – punitive expedition to Hawaii.
    1890 – the introduction of troops in Haiti.
    1890 – the introduction of troops in Argentina.
    1891 – intervention in Chile.
    1891 – a punitive expedition to Haiti.
    1893 – the introduction of troops in Hawaii, the invasion of China.
    1894 – intervention in Nicaragua.
    1894-1896 – the invasion of Korea.
    1894-1895 – the war in China.
    1895 – the invasion of Panama.
    1896 – the invasion of Nicaragua.
    1898 – the seizure of the Philippines, genocide (600 000 Filipinos).
    1898 – invasion of the port of San Juan Affairs sur (Nicaragua).
    1898 – the seizure of the Hawaiian Islands.
    1899-1901 – the war with the Philippines.
    1899 – the invasion of the Nicaraguan port Blyufildz.
    1901 – sending troops to Colombia.
    1902 – the invasion of Panama.
    1903 – the invasion of Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Syria.
    1904 – the invasion of Korea, Morocco.
    1904-1905 – intervention in the Russo-Japanese war.
    1905 – intervention in the revolution in Honduras.
    1905 – the invasion of Mexico.
    1905 – the invasion of Korea.
    1906 – the invasion of the Philippines.
    1906-1909 – the invasion of Cuba.
    1907 – operations in Nicaragua.
    1907 – intervention in the revolution in the Dominican Republic.
    1907 – participation in the war with Honduras, Nicaragua.
    1908 – the invasion of Panama.
    1910 – the invasion Blyufildz and Corinto (Nicaragua).
    1911 – intervention in Honduras.
    1911 – genocide in the Philippines.
    1911 – introduction of troops in China.
    1912 – the capture of Havana (Cuba).
    1912 – intervention in Panama during the elections.
    1912 – the invasion of Honduras.
    1912-1933 – the occupation of Nicaragua.
    1914 – intervention in the Dominican Republic.
    1914-1918 – a series of incursions into Mexico.
    1914-1934 – occupation Haiti.
    1916-1924 – occupation of the Dominican Republic.
    1917-1933 – the occupation of Cuba.
    1918-1922 – the occupation of the Russian Far East.
    1918-1920 – the invasion of Panama.
    1919 – the landing of troops in Costa Rica.
    1919 – the war against Serbs in Dolmatov on the side of Italy.
    1919 – intervention in Honduras during the elections.
    1920 – intervention in Guatemala.
    1922 – intervention in Turkey.
    1922-1927 – intervention in China.
    1924-1925 – the invasion of Honduras.
    1925 – military action in Panama.
    1926 – the invasion of Nicaragua.
    1927-1934 – the occupation of China.
    1932 – El Salvador invasion.
    1936 – intervention in Spain.
    1937 – won with Japan.
    1937 – intervention in Nicaragua, a coup.
    1939 – the introduction of troops in China.
    1941-1945 – genocide of the civilian population of Germany (Dresden,
    1945 nuclear attack on Japan.
    1945-1991 – subversive activities against the Soviet Union. (The
    invasion of the air of the property is more than 5,000, parachute
    landings – more than 140 direct sabotage. The total budget of 13
    trillion dollars).

  5. Flags of different troops! Ground forces, Navy, Air fleet! Greetings from Russia!

  6. All the Russians who threaten you are traitors. And we shoot traitors

  7. Thank you Jeremy! Respect from Russia!!!

  8. BTW now Russia is rotting from the outside cuz of corruption. Just think about it, avarage earnings of people is… around 60k rubbles per month, when most of the politics (not all ofc) have 200k+ rubbles per month. Most of all in Russia I hate education system, as for me it's 1 of the worst systems in the world. But never the less Russia have really good universities such as MEPhI or Lomonosov's Institute (Don't clearly sure how it's sounds on English). So where is our Putin? What do he do? We can only think about. (And this is just a little piece of all problems in our country) He is not so good as u thing, but he is also not so bad. And I don't understand why most of Americans hate Russians? As for me I don't hate Americans at all, I like these people, they are funny, I like to talk with them.

  9. Профессор, ты молодец!
    У нас в стране многие люди не любят Президента, и не ценят его действия, так как это делаешь ты)
    Слава Богу, что даже в США есть здравомыслящие люди!

  10. Hello.
    Sorry, but I'll write in Russian.
    Приятно слышать слова, сказанные в начале видео, от иностранца. Спасибо Вам!
    Но дальше по тексту у меня есть пара правок)
    1. Путин не был агентом КГБ. Он был офицером. Это две большие разницы)
    2. Его карьера в этом ведомстве закончилась не просто в звании полковника. Он был директором ФСБ.
    Удачи Вам))) Ставлю лайк

  11. Hi Leremy ! Thank you ,for not leaving to shoot and share video on YouTube! too bad you left VK , But we all understand ! always listen to you ! thank you ! YOU ARE NOT ALONE !!! Greetings from Russia

  12. Well, thank God! I thought that such people in America is no more! I'm from Russia, but I fully support you! And you know that you are doing everything right, don't stop! I wish you all the best, you are an honorable man!!!!

  13. Jeremy it's russian army, aerospace forces and navy flags

  14. Jeremy, you connect your self with Russia, you gain popularity and strength at the same time, are not you scared?

  15. если будет "ядерный пиздец" первые кто получат порцию обогащенного урана от России это будут США и Британия, я не хочу этого "пездеца", но если мне он светит, то пусть его получат и идиотично-спокойные граждане Америки! ничего личного, только личное..
    мне жаль профессор, но скорей всего – мы погибнем в этой войне..

  16. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Afraid of wolves in the woods do not go!

  17. Спасибо тебе Джерими!Я желаю тебе всего самого лучшего!

  18. The photo with Reagan is a fake. There isn't Putin on the photo

  19. Thank you for your good words, for your support at this difficult time.

  20. Jeremy, these are not flags, but banners. Banner of the arms of the armed forces, land forces, red, navy, white banner with a blue cross and military-aerial forces, blue-and-yellow banner.

  21. JEREMY HELLO! This is the banner of the armed forces."Andrew's,Znamya-victory VKS-air and space forces"…it is Very important that you think and thank you.Good luck!

  22. I often hear from Putin's haters that Putin is a murderer. I can not understand, but when and where did Putin kill someone or gave the order to kill someone? If you remember Georgia, then, as far as I know, even the world community
    finally recognized that the Russian invasion of this country was caused by Georgia's attack on Russian peacekeepers stationed in Tskhinval. If we talk about the annexation of the Crimea, it happened without casualties and without a single shot. If you remember Chechnya, then Putin just ended the war, but did not begin. Speaking of Syria, no one can dispute the fact that the Russians are fighting there with the Islamic State, ie with terrorists. So why is Putin a murderer ?!

  23. Спасибо , Джереми, вы очень храбрый и честный американский парень… Пусть Бог вас хранит.

  24. Russian State Flag and tree Army Flags (Land Forces, Air & Cosmic Forces, Navy Forces).

  25. These are the flags of the arms of the troops. Air Force, Navy and so on. And the military uniform is also different.

  26. Наш президент, самый лучший в мире, ИМХО (имею мнение хрен оспоришь)!

  27. Thanks Professor. My great-grandfather went missing in the early years of the war. My grandfather was wounded in the leg in 1944 and was in the hospital in 17 – he was called up to the front because of an error in the documents. He didn't like to tell about the great war. He died in 1995. Rest in peace Russian soldiers

  28. Hello, Jeremy! The word 'agent' in russian has some negative meaning. So, people, who work in Russian force structures usually call themselves 'coworker', in russian 'sotrudnik'.

  29. Jeremy, you're absolutly right about Putin. Here is a great movie to understand everythig from the beginning. I RECOMMEND YOU TO WATCH IT!!!

  30. Hello, Jeremy! I wish you good mood and excellent health. Hey US residents!

  31. Jeremy, if Hitler had defeated, only Germans would speak German ("purebred Aryans"). The rest (Russians, Americans, British, French) would not talk at all. They would be an object for experiments and slaves. Hitler wanted to make women (even German women) an incubator for the birth of children. Children are taken from the mother immediately after childbirth. And other atrocities.

  32. You wonder what kind of presidents there are. Look at the president of Ukraine, who recently visited the United States. I understand that you will not understand the words, just listen to the intonation. For those words that he said, in the US he would have been waiting for a prison. But nevertheless, they meet with him, and even shake hands. Poroshenko is a scoundrel, and I would not give him a hand.

    ~ Seraphim Oleg.~

  33. So could only do OUR PRESIDENT. Jeremy, you are a very brave person, because in your country it is not accepted to talk well about Russia. Thank you. Take care of yourself. Так мог поступить только НАШ ПРЕЗИДЕНТ. Джереми, вы очень смелый человек, потому, что в вашей стране не принято хорошо говорить о России. Спасибо вам. Берегите себя.

  34. Привет "). http://i.i.ua/cards/pic/5/6/50165.jpg
    Hello Jeremy, do you think why the citizens of Russia do not like Putin ? What do you think is bad in Putin ? ( I'm sorry, I'm using Google translator. )
    Здравствуйте Джереми, как вы думаете, почему граждане России, не любят Путина. Как вы думаете, что в Путине плохого на самом деле ?

    ~ Seraphim Oleg.~

  35. Важно что тебя ждут везде…………

  36. Та поедь в любую часть России………. Везде интересно…

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