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Putin Proved That He’s Not the Root of All Evil

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This historical scar, a treacherous attack on our country. The price we paid for victory in the Great Patriotic War, it will forever make the security issue essential for our country. Some like to mock this, “Ha-ha, Russia is always surrounded by a ring of enemies.” But no matter what they say, those that joke like this, they separate themselves from our country’s fate. Meanwhile, decent people all over the world treat Russia’s security concerns with understanding, or at least with sincere interest, trying to make sense of it. One of these people, a 3-times Oscar winning director, a wounded Vietnam war veteran, Oliver Stone. He prefers to get to the bottom of things on his own. I believe that history has a meaning and a purpose which must be found. In the search for a meaning and a purpose of humanity’s modern history at the current stage, Oliver Stone asked President Putin about a series of interviews. It took him 2 years to film this. The result was a 4-episode series, that aired in the US last week, and this week – in Russia. The film was sold in many countries, including European channels. The series concept is simple. Stone asks questions, Putin answers them. Sometimes, there are short historic references.


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