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Report: Donald Trump Really Wants Putin Meeting At July European Summit | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump attacks Obama over Russia & a new report says his White House is divided over Trump’s eagerness to meet with Putin at a July summit. Hallie Jackson, Eli Stokols, & Jonathan Lemire discuss.
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Report: Donald Trump Really Wants Putin Meeting At July European Summit | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


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  1. Collusion? Mueller is on the Orange mans trail.

  2. Talk about how Russia's Rosneft oil may have sold 2.6 billion dollars worth of shares to trump associates through shell corporations and the caymans. Talk about how Jared Kushner promised immigration visas to investors in his 1 journal square project and the whereabouts of said money. Talk about how Rosneft Oil has a 60 bil deal with North Korea. Talk about how Trump "appointed by tweet" Cristopher Wray for FBI director with Wrays ties to Rosneft oil. Talk again about the 500 billion oil deal rosneft has with exxon. Talk about Rosneft purchasing 49.9% of America's Citgo. In this age of climate denialism and worldly repercussions, MSNBC you are complicit in the downfall of our democracy and our countries national security by omitting these issues

  3. I am a Republican and Trump disgusts me. You have to wonder what kind of flattery and fawning Putin must slather over Trump to get that orange gum ball to jump so high for him.

  4. When will this treasonous administration end.

  5. The question is will Trump wait until they can find a quiet corner or is he going to fellate Putin right there on TV?

  6. Go see Putin give him a kiss and follow to Russia,We will not miss you!

  7. Gerard Butler does journalism now?

  8. I don't understand why he is still there, unless the whole of Trumps cabinet is colluding. Trump is smearing his predecessor because that's what narcissists do. Deflecting, clouding reality, everything.

  9. Ok, Putin glad we could meet, let's get our story straight!!!

    And BTW, what should I do next?

  10. "He was joking at the time"

    I want off Mr. Trump's Wild Ride.


  12. Do you mean "Rusher"? President Trump seems to think Russia is pronounced as "Rusher"? Have you noticed that? Hmmmm… Wonder what kind of accent is that?

  13. If collusion is found, and it will be, does that de-legitimize the entire administration? I don't want to JUST impeach Trump, I want a totally different administration. Poisoned fruits grow from a poisonous tree.

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